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Readers Write: Police accountability, ranked-choice voting, opioid crisis

A meeting of the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, which has the power to revoke law enforcement officers’ licenses but generally leaves discipline to local agencies.

Domestic violence is a clear red flag.

Readers Write: Harvey Weinstein vs. Roman Polanski, the Trump presidency, immigration policy, role of the press

French-Polish film director Roman Polanski at the Zurich Film Festival earlier this month. In the 1970s, Polanski pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor in connection with an incident in Los Angeles but left the United States before final sentencing. The case remains open.

Hollywood is not consistent.

Readers Write: Rescue operations, the Trump presidency, public schools and race, immigration policy

Don't forget day-to-day dedication.

Readers Write: Immigration, coverage of President Donald Trump, liberal response to Katherine Kersten, St. Paul schools superintendent buyout, housing and the mortgage deduction

This turning-away is tangible.

Readers Write: St. Cloud swimming coach's exemplary leadership, Trump's actions on birth control and words on the NFL, Kersten's article about Edina schools

This is how good work is done.

Readers Write: Enabling society's wrongdoers, Edina schools, evaluating the news

A broad lesson: Who are the enablers?

Readers Write: November elections, Southwest light rail, guns, heating and cooling, Amazon headquarters

We have to pay attention.

Readers Write: Make America civil again, governor vs. the Legislature, police officers

Look no further than some of our elected leaders.

Readers Write: Community health clinics, a city without police, I-35W shutdown, Trump and guns, neighbors

Reinstate funding for safety-net community clinics.

Readers Write: Minnesota Lynx and Twins, Las Vegas massacre, Minneapolis mayor vs. police chief, being poor in the comics

Way to go, Minnesota Lynx — and Twins, too.

Readers Write: Health care, Las Vegas massacre and guns, weekend traffic, Mayor Hodges and Chief Harteau

For me, it wasn't a small increase. And it hurts.

Readers Write: 35W shutdown, Las Vegas massacre, travel bans, journalism

Who's responsible for planning at MnDOT?

Readers Write: Las Vegas massacre, Puerto Rico, Twins baseball

Three ways to take control of guns

Readers Write: Suburban schools, same-sex rights, Amazon headquarters

What we're doing right in Burnsville.

Readers Write: Public safety in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota Sex Offender Program, Trump administration travel ban

Cast your votes wisely in city elections.

Readers Write: Pink beauty shop, governor vs. Legislature, Republican tax plan, Enbridge pipeline, Trump vs. the NFL, transportation, Twins baseball

In frozen Upper Midwest, dare to be bold.

Readers Write: Republican tax plan, Trump and the NFL, single-payer health care, wedding videos, Twins celebration

The devil is in the details.

Readers Write: Biking in Minneapolis, Trump vs. NFL

Enough with these bike lanes already.

Readers Write: Health care, Trump and the NFL, silent protesters

Why single-payer system makes business sense.