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Readers Write (March 26): The rule of law, government accountability, ride-sharing, climate change, Minneapolis police

Legislation passed this session will allow liquor stores in Minnesota to be open on Sundays beginning July 1. Surdyk’s, a family-owned store in northeast Minneapolis, jumped the gun by opening March 12. Customers responded — and so did city officials.

Holding Surdyk (and others) accountable for their breaches.

Readers Write (March 25): Downtown Minneapolis, health care, electric vehicles, plastic bags

You can no longer do what these people were doing: Passing over Nicollet Mall into an open Macy’s.

What might have been if the Dayton's influence had remained.

Readers Write (March 27): The all-purpose use of 'guys,' news coverage of women, Mount Sinai's legacy, Skyway Senior Center, State Capitol song

Wait — is this a trap?

Readers Write (March 24): Brenda Ueland house, disparities in transportation funding, proposed electric-vehicle fee, the language of gender equality

Brenda Ueland house should be spared.

Readers Write (March 21): U.S. and Russia, urban violence, politics and the Supreme Court, the state of the Star Tribune

Exact impact of Russian hacking is elusive.

Readers Write (March 23): National Endowment for the Arts, proposed fee on electric vehicles, GOP opposition to light rail and gas tax

How NEA grants really work.

Readers Write (March 22): Immigration enforcement, the Minnesota budget, transportation funding disparities, north Minneapolis, Hennepin County rainy-day fund, happiest places and health care, paranoia

The debate over moral relativism, exemplified.

Readers Write (March 18): Trump and 'buy American,' legislative pay, Real ID, monarch habitat

Trump's words vs. his deeds.

Readers Write (March 19): Shootings in north Minneapolis, Minneapolis mayor's race and columnist Jon Tevlin's comments about it

Do something! But what?

Readers Write (March 20): Use of 'you guys,' the Equal Rights Amendment, 'Stand Your Ground' laws

The all-purpose use of "guys," opposed.

Readers Write (March 17): Legislative compensation, Vice President Mike Pence and health care, U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer's town hall, U.S. Rep. Steve King, roadside ditches, Minneapolis Super Bowl, MIA 'Monsters' exhibit

Expense reimbursement is not pay.

Readers Write (March 16): Mayo Clinic and Medicare/Medicaid, the Equal Rights Amendment, U.S. Rep. Steve King, Surdyk's law-flouting, the seeking of Super Bowl volunteers

Mayo Clinic is out on limb, legally.

Readers Write (March 15): Urban vs. rural legislation, the health care debate, Surdyk's penalty

The 60 percent of Minnesotans who live in the metro area respond.

Readers Write (March 14): Liquor sales, state-local pre-emption policies, Edina's smoking age proposal, U.S. attorney purge and Andrew Luger, climate change and water vapor, characterization of Betsy Hodges

Surdyk's defiance typifies the times.

Readers Write (March 12): Fishing fees, teacher shortages, urban/rural divide and culture, Uber discounts and journalism, Trump and Ayn Rand

A Minnesota-Missouri comparison.

Readers Write (March 13): Hot dish politics, hate groups, the Korean Peninsula, airport security, the justice system, congressional town halls, Target's troubles

Now, here was a competition I can savor.

Readers Write (March 11): Mowing of roadside ditches, U Board of Regents selection process, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Whatever happened to stewardship?

Readers Write (March 10): Edina's smoking age proposal, Affordable Care Act replacement, 'Stand Your Ground' gun laws

Edina is poised to act wisely.

Readers Write (March 9): Real ID, health care policy at the federal and state levels, President Trump's opponents, WikiLeaks

Legislators tell us what we're worth.