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Readers Write: Police participation in Pride parade, health care reform, University of Minnesota budget and public input

Police officers from Minneapolis and St. Paul led the 2015 Pride parade down Hennepin Avenue.

Shunning police is antithetical.

Readers Write: Minneapolis 'chief resilience officer,' University of Minnesota tuition and budget, Jeronimo Yanez verdict, Lyme disease

Minneapolis City Hall. The city has created the position of chief resilience officer to coordinate work on urban challenges. It will be filled by Kate Knuth, a former Minnesota legislator.

Minneapolis, first things first.

Readers Write: Jeronimo Yanez verdict and response, Northstar commuter rail, World's Fair

We're getting nowhere.

Readers Write: After verdict in police shooting of Philando Castile, questioning this jury and juries in general

They got it wrong. Is it time to revisit the process?

Readers Write: Health care accountability, housing bubbles, states' rights, governor-Legislature dispute, adoption

We're behind you, Sheila Van Pelt.

Readers Write: Rail transit, Ramsey County Board pay, World's Fair, sex trafficking, sexism and ageism

We're stuck spreading the pain.

Readers Write: Jeronimo Yanez verdict, aftermath of shooting near Washington, health care

Not-guilty verdict was wrong — the manslaughter charge was appropriate.

Readers Write: Cause of shootings in Alexandria, Va., impact of police shootings, minimum wage

The blaming — it can't wait?

Readers Write: Shooting near the capital, airplane incident, immigration, Minneapolis' 'urban river'

Can't overemphasize: No violence.

Readers Write: Driver's licenses for all immigrants, the Trump presidency, health care, police shootings, personal responsibility on climate and social issues

Tacit approval for illegal action.

Readers Write: Jeronimo Yanez trial, roads vs. transit, Nicollet Mall, foreign policy and famine

Change is needed, whatever the verdict.

Readers Write: Freedom of speech, personal spending priorities, the Comey testimony

Narrow-mindedness will do us in.

Readers Write: The Trump presidency and James Comey's testimony, religion in the workplace

Comey's testimony was problematic.

Readers Write: Roads and transit

"Traffic scapegoat" only partly correct.

Readers Write: Comey hearing, immunizations, religion in the workplace

Comey's delivery was extraordinary.

Readers Write: $15 minimum wage, immunizations, education reforms, Third Congressional District

Wage push well-intended, but will it backfire for Minneapolis?

Readers Write: Dayton-Legislature dispute, immunizations, opioids, the justice system and public safety

Governor sets a rotten precedent.

Readers Write: Climate policy, art and censorship, organic farming

Who needs Paris? We have this.

Readers Write: Books for our times, foreign meddling, school absences, organic farming, Walker sculpture controversy

A few additional book recommendations.