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Readers Write (April 28): Trump tax plan, Minneapolis Police Department, student fees, KQRS


The haters will hate Trump's proposal.

Readers Write (April 27): Trump's budget proposal, science and vaccinations, thryoid drug study, body-shaming, the transit experience, KQRS

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, joined by National Economic Director Gary Cohn, spoke Wednesday about President Trump’s tax proposal.

And on goes the status quo …

Readers Write (April 26): Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges' revelation about abuse, buffer strips, Edina and the smoking age, renaming Lake Calhoun

A helpful action by the mayor, who revealed being abused.

Readers Write (April 25): Renaming Lake Calhoun, Edina and the smoking age, the March for Science, diet soda, Trump's start

Renaming Lake Calhoun is a poor substitute for justice.

Readers Write (April 24): Cancer research in Minnesota, abortion and politics, Bill O'Reilly's firing, feral cats

Legislature should invest in a statewide cancer clinical trials network.

Readers Write (April 23): Minnesota's budget surplus, Steve Bannon and "The Fourth Turning," war and peace

The Editorial Board's plan, assessed.

Readers Write (April 22): Earth Day, suicide and '13 Reasons Why', distracted driving, the U journalism school, the hippie lifestyle

Information and belief: an analogy.

Readers Write (April 21): Bill O'Reilly firing, bias in journalism choices, changing the name of Lake Calhoun, naming U journalism school after Hubbards, H-1B visas

Right move, wrong reasons.

Readers Write (April 20): Surdyk's penalty, Edina and the smoking age, the March for Science, probation reform, outdoor cats

Penalty for Sunday sales before law allowed needs revision, all right, but ….

Readers Write (April 19): State budget for parks, trails; minimum wage and extremism; taxes and retirement; election in France; Boston Marathon and gender

Parks and trails should be a priority.

Readers Write (April 18): The U.S. and North Korea, Freeway Landfill in Burnsville, child protection in Minnesota, White House visitors log, winter salt, overdoses

Who's the greatest threat to peace?

Readers Write (April 17): Bald eagles and science funding, WikiLeaks, border wall, St. Paul redevelopment, higher education, probation reform

Eagles are abundant. Thanks, science!

Readers Write (April 15): Metro Mobility, the Legislature and Legacy funds, geopolitics, immigration, garbage hauling in St. Paul, skating at U.S. Bank Stadium

A lifeline and an expenditure.

Readers Write (April 16): Responses to 'Seven ways liberals must realign with Middle America'

What really drives elections.

Readers Write (April 14): United Airlines incident, $15 minimum wage proposal in Minneapolis

Of empathy, ethics and legality.

Readers Write (April 13): Road salt and lakes, Vietnam vets, 'red lines' in Syria, United Way, Planned Parenthood, Meals on Wheels, scents and sensitivities

Blame our finger-pointing ways.

Readers Write (April 12): United Airlines overbooking incident, consequences of road salt on lakes, Meals on Wheels and missiles

Where were wisdom and experience?

Readers Write (April 11): Dogs and mail carriers, water and lawns, oral health, American inclusivity, energy subsidies

Hey, many are on friendly terms.

Readers Write (special edition): Syria

The combat role, diplomacy, the U.S. image, Trump's motivation, the Constitution.