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CAFE standards are lousy environmental policy


Environmentalists are irate over Trump administration plans to roll back Obama gas-mileage regulations, but CAFE rules just aren't a rational way to cut fuel use.

What's a $5,000 bathroom got to do with Destination Medical Center?

Large, small private projects clear the way for state funds for Rochester.

Well, someone's gotta take on health care for Minnesotans

In Minnesota, that would be state Rep. Erin Murphy, a licensed nurse, who says: "You don't walk away from a patient who needs your attention."

On health care, we want it all, can't have it

Recent criticism of Mayo was an example of our fanciful approach.

It's impossible to imagine rock 'n' roll without Chuck Berry

The stars who followed his lead might never have emerged without him.

Binge-watching the new Golden Age of Television

If you really want to understand human nature, you can learn about it on long-form TV. That wasn't always the case, but it became one at a perfect time for me.

Supply, demand and 'Hamilton': The more the megahit changes, the more tickets remain … really expensive

Despite wholesale cast turnover and productions in new cities, the secondary market still gets a king's ransom for entry to the megahit.

Rash Report: PBS a value, and invaluable to American society

Citizens and Congress could rescue the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from the president's proposed cut.

General Mills stung by criticism for pollinator campaign

Seed giveaway was well-intentioned but poorly executed.

You won't find nirvana in cartel-style national health services abroad

Counterpoint: They're cartel arrangements, with inevitable problems. Can Congress deregulate our version of a managed-care cartel, Obamacare, and return medical marketplace power to families?

Our transit system is off the rails, and long-range funding needs fixing

Northstar rail, with few riders, is one hole to stop digging. It's time to focus on what works, what commuters need and what we can afford.

Neil Gorsuch has earned his Supreme Court seat

He made it clear that he will faithfully follow the law -- which is just what troubles some of his opponents.

Why is Norway tops in happiness? Let us count some ways

A job took us to Oslo from Minneapolis. Now, I'm less stressed. Safety, school, transportation and health care are a few of the reasons why.

Tillerson shouldn't reject negotiations with North Korea

Suggestion that U.S. might strike when faced by a threat wasn't necessary.

We're joining bipartisan forces to fight opioid abuse; please help us

No place in Minnesota has escaped this crisis. Our bipartisan legislation can make a difference.

Who should be in charge in event of protests? The person trained for the job: Police chief

While the mayor can set a philosophy, it's the police chief who has the training and experience and must have operational authority.

Why does the Secret Service keep fumbling White House security?

It's especially troubling that most recent intrusion lasted 17 minutes.

U.S. foreign aid works; it's the right thing to do (and it's minimal)

We've seen the results firsthand. Americans would do well to understand the value of these investments — and oppose the proposed cuts.

It's time for a new dream; need it be expansionary?

Astronaut Eugene Cernan's death, like that of Sally Ride, reminds us that we once had a vision — though it was a conflicted one — and that now we don't.