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Teachers and staff of color matter big-time

If the system isn't equitable, if teachers and staff don't reflect the diversity of the student body, then little can be truly accomplished.

Rash Report: Colombia makes the case for foreign-policy resolve

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos made the victory sign after voting in a referendum to support the peace deal he signed with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

Chronic crises elsewhere shouldn't preclude proactive Latin America efforts.

Violence drives migration; tackle it where it starts, at home

Most of those here illegally come from hellholes, but the U.S. is funding programs that deal with it there. Keep those dollars coming.

A new, troubling era for the Environmental Protection Agency

Agency signals it will safeguard industry, not consumers.

Despite release of Aya Hijazi, Egyptian repression continues

Trump has embraced regime without pushing for human rights reform.

Counterpoint: Ready for this? Make city center a pedestrian zone

Cities across the world have revitalized their centers by making them pedestrian-only.

Counterpoint: In planning the city's new core, we look up, not down

There are proposals on the table on how to make skyways more user-friendly.

Counterpoint: Skyways provide the vital lifeline for downtown

Love 'em or hate 'em, the skyways have proved a vital lifeline for downtown.

Garrison Keillor: A message from POTUS, the fantastically tremendous Numero Uno

But that Wong guy and his New York Times robots have it in for me. They keep saying I'm unpopular, that things are chaotic. Sad!

The Handmaid's Tale: There's nothing "timely" or even plausible about this yarn

It's one thing to enjoy a dystopian story in a book or on the screen, but there's something very wrong with claiming it is reality.

GOP health care revisions cater to House Freedom Caucus

States could scrap protections for those with preexisting conditions.

Global economy is growing, but threats are looming

Political instability could lead to bad policies, and growth is already tepid.

Support those officials charged with enforcing immigration laws

If critics want the policy changes, they should talk to members of Congress.

France's election reveals the political divide of our times

Not over the size of the state, but over its identity: open vs. closed, integrationist vs. isolationist, future vs. past.

Trump administration's secrecy with visitor logs smacks of arrogance

Policy is drawing bipartisan criticism and more questions than answers.

A boy, a smartphone and an undiscovered world

  CALLED “Come,” said the pencil to the boy, “and draw with me.” So the boy reached for the pencil, about to touch it to…

Rash Report: A march for science — and society

The United States could use a new "Sputnik moment" that rallies around scientists and other learned experts.

Prince didn't need to die; an opioid antidote was available in naloxone

Those at risk of overdose should be given training and access to this remedy, which is a simple nose spray.

Trump may be wising up on climate change

There are signs he's moving away from opposition to Paris agreement.