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Blocked by GOP opposition, Southwest LRT is well worth salvaging

A bad funding option beats letting this light-rail project die.

Sack cartoon: Climate clues

Climate clues

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Rash Report: Barack and Michelle, before president and first lady
John Rash

Newly released film "Southside With You" depicts a relatability mostly missing this election season.

Not even business support delivers light rail
Lori Sturdevant

And it won't, with this GOP, until campaign money hinges on it.

A troubling response to Minnesota students' flat MCA test scores

The results provide measurements and offer a road map to college. The growing "opt-out" movement, however, thwarts progress.

Readers Write (Aug. 27): Allina nurses, light rail, preventing sexual assault, the violence link and video games

Don't dismiss Allina strike vote as selfish.

Sack cartoon: Update from a Zika-transmitting mosquito

Giuliani's claims about Clinton's health are unhealthy

He's got no real evidence that Democratic nominee is ill.

Clinton connections: No smoking guns, but plenty of rubber bullets

Obliging a donor is not necessarily criminal, but if you're in a role that would seem to call for the utmost care in avoiding the perception of favoritism …

Readers Write (Aug. 26): Light rail, EpiPen price hike, Olympic athletes, Trump and trade and immigration

With balance, light rail supporters can win outstate support.

EpiPen price hikes shouldn't be a surprise in U.S. health care system

This is what happens when profits are protected in name of innovation.

Counterpoint: Tips for women's safety? Try these instead

Given the many news threads about sexual assault, of which the recent attacks on female joggers are only the latest, a list that's been circulated online says it better.

Counterpoint: Dayton chooses light rail over some pretty good legislation

Good leaders would direct their attention to where they can help, not to where they'll meet head-on with unaddressed costs and litigation.

We need to be ready for 21st-century biology

We can see the challenges of responding to superbugs like Ebola and Zika. Now imagine them turned into weapons.

What EpiPens mean to me

They're my armor against disaster. They shouldn't be priced like a luxury.

Choose State Capitol art that unifies Minnesotans

It's time to boot two offensive paintings out of governor's reception room.