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DOT should grant Delta's request for MSP-Haneda route

In this March 14, 2015, photo, people watched a landing Delta Air Lines jet approach the Narita International Airport from a popular viewing spot at Sakuranoyama Park in Narita, east of Tokyo.

Congressional delegation's cohesion should be a model for Minnesota.

Counterpoint: Death does not need to be a struggle


But it was for my son because Minnesota had not passed the Compassionate Care Act.

Restroom wars: A tolerant nation ties itself into knots

D.J. Tice

These tricky times call for compassion all around.

On what will we weigh Minnesota legislators this November?

Lori Sturdevant

National elections (Trump? Clinton?) usually drive state results. But, but, but …

Readers Write (June 1): Inattentive driving, disabilities, Hillary Clinton's opponents, violence and protest, Obama in Japan

Experiences bear out the concern about inattentive driving.

Donald Trump's blustering, backward talk on fossil fuels

GOP presidential candidate's call to restore coal "to its former glory" and increase oil production ignores both geology and market forces.

Fracking takes a toll on low-income communities

It's a problem on display in Pennsylvania, California and Texas.

Hillary Clinton is not the only pragmatist in the race

Donald Trump is one, too. And that's precisely the problem.

Hillary Clinton's e-mail controversy: If impropriety here, anticipate it elsewhere

During my time in government, my boss made clear that we would conduct our affairs such that our integrity was never in any way suspect.

Strings attached: The unfortunate current spirit of charitable giving

The new 'investment' spirit in charitable giving demands measurable outcomes. Whatever happened to just helping those in need?

Minnesota's criminal justice system: Wrongly imprisoned, but finally compensated

We served years for crimes we did not commit. And although our lives have been shattered, many state officials are to be thanked for helping to make us whole.

Minnesota's criminal justice system: To reintegrate felons, restore our right to vote

Released prisoners are expected to get jobs, pay taxes and obey our parole officers. Yet a disconnect comes when we don't get any say in the political process.

There are hidden costs to delaying Zika funding

Emergency preparedness funding is being redirected as Congress stalls.

Memorial Day: Don't forget to remember those of us who remain

A chance encounter at a Home Depot brought home the notion that we must honor not just our valiant service members, but also their survivors.

Memorial Day: Why the mournful sound of 'Taps' makes me sad

Won't we ever learn? We should all be shedding a tear over the fact that this melody has continued to be played and played and played — for generations.

From the archives: The nation's pride and heartache on Memorial Day

We'll share those emotions again this year, just as we did in 1921.

Politifact: On taxes and crime, front-runners run afoul of facts

No, Hillary Clinton is not going to release "all" of the "violent criminals." Yes, Donald Trump did pay some taxes, at least in the '70s.