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The Women's March: Immobilized in a sea of people — and all was well

Thousands packed the streets for the Women’s March on Washington rally outside the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. Protesters carried signs expressing support for, or denouncing, a wide range of causes and people.

Our job was simply to be there.

Sack cartoon: Trump and the Women's Marches

Trump and the Women's Marches

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The message of the Women's Marches, articulated
Lori Sturdevant

For that, let's turn to the leader of St. Catherine University.

Rash Report: Europe on alert for Kremlin's election meddling
John Rash

Consequential elections amid an "information war" and "amplification vortex."

The Cabinet: Betsy DeVos does not understand the true role of charter schools

I'm a charter-school guy. It's critical to set the record straight on the ignorant statements made by the nominee for education secretary.

Minnesota lawmakers should rein in misuse of stadiums

State doesn't need more embarrassments like the misuse at U.S. Bank Stadium.

The inaugural address: The president's distorted view of education

Here's what I know after 42 years in the teaching profession — and what I'd like you to know. It isn't pretty.

Readers Write (Jan. 24): Women's Marches, Trump's first days

I was proud to stand with the marchers.

It's the first 50 days (not 100) that are decisive

Here's the road ahead, based on my experience in the Reagan and Obama administrations.

Women delivered a body blow to Trump's populism

If Trump embodies the people, who were those millions of bodies insisting that he doesn't represent them?

DeVos didn't stand a chance with Democrats at hearing

But many Americans want education reform, school choice.

Even without Trump, there can be progress on climate change

States and cities, as well as other countries, should press forward.

Sack cartoon: Trump — a flow chart

Sack cartoon: Tweet inhibition

A roundup of reactions to the inauguration

Enter Trump.

For President Trump, a missed opportunity to unify

His 'America First' movement must include all Americans.

The Gospel of Winning: Trump's philosophy, and its policy implications

Brand yourself the best, and you will be, Trump believes. He wants Americans to believe it, too.