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U.S. should heed hard lessons of 'Brexit'

The British flag flew in front of the Big Ben clock tower on June 24, 2016, in London, a day after Britons voted by a narrow margin to leave the European Union.

Rhetoric without policy plans can create political and economic chaos.

Sack cartoon: Terrorism in Istanbul

Terrorism in Istanbul

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Lori Sturdevant
Minnesota GOP needn't bow to Trump 'unity'

Guidance for races down the ballot can be found in tactics used in 1964's campaign.

John Rash
Rash Report: 'Brexit' both inward and international in scope

Officially, membership in the European Union was on the ballot, but British identity was seemingly at issue, too.

In case you'd forgotten: Bill will be Bill

These subtle sidewinders have shown us who they are again in Clinton's private chat with the attorney general.

Counterpoint: Met Council critic is drawing the wrong lessons from 'Brexit'

Fear and misinformation drove campaign, and vote leaves U.K. with diminished role in European affairs.

Trump's trade speech is an encyclopedia of errors

Productivity gains eliminated most of the jobs Trump mourns. He's no more capable of restoring them than bringing back the dodo.

Airport attack is a deadly wake-up call for Turkey

The country has underestimated the ISIL threat for too long.

Readers Write (July 1): Robbinsdale's Terrace Theatre, University of Minnesota wrestling case, abortion and the right to speak, ideology and influence

Robbinsdale redevelopment: A dead future doesn't replace a dead past.

Don't underestimate the chances of a GOP convention revolt

It's a long shot, but plans to spark a last ditch delegate rebellion to stop Trump are being coordinated.

Counterpoint: Raising the state's minimum wage will hurt those it aims to help

To absorb the increased cost, businesses will be forced to cut hiring, hours and benefits.

After the Baltimore riots, signs of positive change

After the smoke cleared, businesses offered new training and jobs; police changed tactics, and the city gained fresh leadership.

The Somme at 100: Trench battle showed war's terrible learning curve

Despite the carnage, British learned from their mistakes and adapted tactics that would help Allies win in 1918.

A high court win for affirmative action in higher education

SCOTUS ruling in Texas case says race can be used in admissions process.

Global response is needed after Istanbul airport massacre

Build and strengthen alliances to combat terrorism.

Readers Write (June 30): Pat Summitt, $15-an-hour minimum wage, Benghazi reports, abortion

Remembering the inspiring coach Pat Summitt.

Sack cartoon: Hillary Clinton and Benghazi