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Augsburg College leads the call for campus equity

The changing face of Minnesota is evident in school's freshman class.

Sack cartoon: Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner

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A day of big events, and one on which to ponder big goals
Lori Sturdevant

Football, the State Fair — and maybe a future World Expo, right here in our state.

Rash Report: Barack and Michelle, before president and first lady
John Rash

Newly released film "Southside With You" depicts a relatability mostly missing this election season.

This Anthony Weiner blight: Who should be scolded and who shouldn't

Don't deflect blame toward Weiner's spouse — or her boss. It's his judgment at issue, not theirs.

Don't oversimplify the immigration issue, but note the Minnesota impact

Aim for firm laws, humane actions and an engine of economic growth.

The best remedy for opioid abuse is fewer prescriptions

Doctors need to steer more patients to other types of treatments.

Readers Write (Aug. 31): Remembering Gen. John W. 'Jack' Vessey, patriotism and the flag, race and awareness, the Weiner/Abedin separation, the Clinton Foundation

A man of brilliance and authenticity.

10 good questions for Hillary Clinton

That is, if she ever has another news conference.

Editorial counterpoint: What we lose if we lose the Clinton Foundation

Let's not recklessly lose sight of the vulnerable people it serves. Don't shut it down. Find a middle ground.

The 2016 campaign: Hillary forgets the lessons of Bill's presidency

President Clinton advanced liberal goals, chiefly by resisting liberal economic impulses.

Paisley Park museum is a perfect tribute to Prince

The artist's home and creative center was always in Chanhassen.

Readers Write (Aug. 30): The NFL's Colin Kaepernick and patriotism, the Clinton Foundation, Southwest light rail, the Minnesota State Fair

QB sits down during the national anthem; better he just shut up?

The 2016 campaign: How black people really live in America

Not in a dystopian hellhole, as Trump suggests. But then, he's just the messenger.

Go ahead and criticize the 49ers' Kaepernick over protest, but let's be civil

National anthem protest brings out the worst in social media.

Understanding the universe: When imagination leads the way

A planet orbiting our nearest star used to be science fiction. Now it's science.

Protests on campus are a sign of progress

Colleges are America's true melting pots, and diversity and inclusion aren't easy.