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Hearing independent voices in Trump's cabinet

Rex Tillerson, chief executive of Exxon Mobil and President-elect Trump’s choice for secretary of state, testified last week at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Tillerson has demonstrated an independence streak in his view, which Trump said he welcomes.

Confirmation hearings revealed nominees who are unafraid to disagree.

Macy's closing: More than a downtown department store at stake

Lunch patrons enjoyed the food and old-world charm of the Oak Grill on its 60th anniversary in 2007. The restaurant will close on Jan. 27.

It's easy to see why Macy's failed: Poor service, no local flair. But it's also hurt other businesses, as well as sapping downtown vitality.

Trump's big day

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Rash Report: Eras diverge in a week of defining media moments
John Rash

Dramatic differences in policy, personality await the nation.

Trump's rise is a time to build up constitutional 'border security'
D.J. Tice

Let's hope he truly did appreciate Antonin Scalia.

Inauguration boycott is misguided

Democrats should be full participants in peaceful transfer of power.

Counterpoint: Ideals of the 'old-school feminists' still matter

Here's why we suggested that women specifically lead the procession on Jan. 21.

Readers Write (Jan. 18): Trump's inauguration, U.S. Bank Stadium and Michele Kelm-Helgen, movie stars and CEOs, Leonard Peltier

Don't boycott a national moment.

Which news media should we rally around?

The web newcomers? The bloggers? The cable networks? The mainstream veterans? Too chaotic. Instead, let's make the debate specifically about the practice of journalism.

I'm a lobbyist. Don't hate me.

Let me try to explain what we do and why it's important.

What I learned about politics by attending the rodeo

The team members who work the event function like a well-oiled machine. Their skills, it seems, could transfer.

Leonard Peltier should finish his life in prison

His case was about two murders, not mistreatment of Native Americans.

Readers Write (Jan. 17): Sanctuary cities, the Trump transition and conflicts of interest, the Women's March on Washington

Let's get specific about the law.

A missed opportunity in the effort to thwart terror

Minnesota leaders should have lauded first grants as important step.

Donald Trump vs. John Lewis: Who looks worse? Trump does.

Attacking the civil-rights hero, however capricious, showed the president-elect's disregard for the American story.

Donald Trump vs. John Lewis: Who looks worse? The media.

Coverage of this dispute in the Star Tribune shows how the emphasis chosen tilts the playing field.

Characterizing the Obama presidency

Nineteen Bloomberg View columnists toast, roast Barack Obama as he leaves the White House.

For Trump voters in focus group, no amount of change is too much

They want the sort of change that makes official Washington gasp in horror. Of course, change, like hope, means different things to different people.