'Instant discounts' through MNsure take sting out of health insurance hikes

More Minnesotans are qualifying for financial assistance on coverage bought on exchange.

Sack cartoon: The holiday shopping season


Presidential rhetoric in times of crisis

John Rash

Obama's words carry particular weight when it comes to crises in the Mideast and Europe as well as the diplomatic “pivot” to Asia.

Leaders can learn much from looking beyond their horizon

Lori Sturdevant

A series of exchanges between officials of Minnesota and Germany showed as much — but it's ending.

Rooting out a global culture of rape

We turn a blind eye to Afghan officers’ abuse of boys and deny U.S. military’s pitiful record.

Readers Write (Nov. 28): Pain medication; health care, Medicare and insurance coverage

Properly used, narcotic pain medication is a godsend for people with chronic pain.

When Minnesota's good intentions are not enough

The state's lauded progressive policies are no longer working.

Defeating ISIL without more 'boots on the ground'

The U.S. and its allies can still increase the pressure on ISIL in Syria and Iraq.

Why an atheist loves Christmas

The season brings people like me peace, love and joy — just outside the church.

What's needed from the next Minneapolis schools superintendent

New leader needs to focus on closing learning gaps that plague the district.

Readers Write (Nov. 27): The night sky, gun offenders, Black Friday deals

We can see those glorious northern lights closer to home.

Leading with the heart vs. the brain

What a contrast : Hollande’s urgent heat vs. Obama’s lawyerly, er, restraint.

The U.S. must stand by Mali, our friend and ally

Last week’s tragic attack on a Radisson Blu hotel shattered this nation’s fragile peace.

Trump, Carson set the tone with Muslim-bashing vows, untruths

Dems dismiss real fears, while GOP is quick to exploit anxiety.

A lesson in five-finger gratitude

Watch what happens when we count what we are thankful for.

The Editorial Board gives thanks while remaining mindful

Minnesotans have much to praise — and to ponder — this Thanksgiving.

Readers Write (Nov. 26): Turkey photo, North Side shootings, Syrian refugees, National Adoption Day

A picture of a turkey farmer is worth 1,000 words.

Minnesota's turkey farmers are full of thanks

Rebounding from avian influenza crisis, we need help facing the next challenges.

The elephant in the water-quality room

Dayton was right to call out Big Ag. Farming practices have contributed to a century of harm.