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Twin Cities transit projects reach a perilous pass

The Southwest light-rail line, depicted in the Kenilworth Lagoon, and the Orange Line bus rapid transit project, are threatened by funding issues and politics.

Don't let politics stall the Orange and Southwest lines.

Why Democrats' abortion stance is a deal-breaker

Delegates listened to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech on Thursday, the final day of the Democratic National Convention. In 2008, candidate Clinton said abortion should be safe, legal and rare. “And by rare,” Clinton emphasized, “I mean rare.” Yet her 2016 platform team has approved provisions that make access to abortion crucial to the well-being of every single person on the planet.

The party platform's extreme planks on this issue, such as repealing the Hyde amendment, are going to drive away moderate voters.

Historic moment

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Rash Report: From 1968 to 2016 ... Trump, Nixon, and Ailes
John Rash

History comes full circle for the three during the week of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Hillary Clinton is getting no quarter on behalf of equality
Lori Sturdevant

What's behind that? Perhaps it's the evolution of the women's movement.

Hillary Clinton's convention: Good enough

Overall, it's hard to see what more the Dems could do to position themselves against Trump.

Readers Write (July 30): 2016 campaign

My goodness, are we divided.

Prosecutor forgot about due process in Freddie Gray case

State's attorney blames everyone but herself for rush to judgment.

Hillary Clinton nomination: Minnesota can be proud of pioneering female activists

Nowhere was there greater women's political activity in the past four decades than in Minnesota.

Hillary Clinton nomination: Reboot musty ol' Camp David

Reboot that woodsy place with, say, spa services and Netflix.

Hillary Clinton nomination: Efforts for women in politics go back centuries

It goes back to the dedicated women arrested – for wearing pants.

For Hillary Clinton: A milestone reached, a message delivered

Clinton's convention was effective, but big challenges remain.

Sack cartoon: Historic moment

Readers Write (July 29): America's decision, and specifically, the Russians and the e-mails

Trump, Clinton, e-mails, tax returns, Russians, hackers. (Jokes?)

Delta decision shows Minnesota's lobbying power

Tentative OK for MSP-Haneda flight took a bipartisan push.

Obama and Clinton: The team of rivals takes the field

The hope and change dreamer has learned the virtues of Clintonesque realism and now promises continuity we can believe in.

Sack cartoon: Meanwhile, above Red Square …

Here's a road map to boost health coverage

MNsure, Blue Cross teamwork is key to helping Minnesotans.