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Keep experimenting with ranked-choice voting

A steady stream of voters filed into the Folwell Community Center Tuesday, most seemed to be adjusting to the ranked choice voting with 35 mayoral candidates on the ballot. ] Minneapolis, MN 11/05/2013 ORG XMIT: MIN1311051045227728

It can't heal all that ails U.S. democracy, but it can make a difference.

Sack cartoon: Standing Rock under Trump

Standing Rock under Trump

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Rash Report: Brexit not an exit of U.K. creativity
John Rash

The British Arrows Awards, now screening at the Walker, show Britain's international cultural impact.

Voters do worry that billionaires buy elections
Lori Sturdevant

Trump, unbeholden to big money? Just a wish.

The lessons of Pearl Harbor and an 'end to illusions'

The consequences of retreating behind our borders are a concern again today.

Post-election, NRA ramps up attack on gun laws

Organization spent $40 million to help elect Trump and Senate candidates.

Pearl Harbor and the 'first shot' Minnesotans of the USS Ward

The crew responded swiftly to a threat. Naval Command, not as much.

St. Paul needs its swamped drained just as much as Washington

There's one in St. Paul, too, high on a hill but just as foul. Let's take a good look at the cronyism of the Dayton administration.

Readers Write (Dec. 7): JROTC and military service, fake news, guns, business and politics, the Earned Income Tax Credit

Kids are smart enough to decide on the JROTC experience and military service.

China really isn't joking about Taiwan

The protocols Trump flouted have been finely honed to cope with Chinese emotions that are raw and potentially explosive.

Trump's Taiwan call wasn't a blunder. It was brilliant.

He knew precisely what he was doing. He was telling Beijing that the days of pushing the U.S. around are over.

U.S. should release information on whether Russian hackers meddled in election

Forget the politics: It's a matter of national security.

At Standing Rock: People power emerges victorious

Protesters persisted, government blinked — and those who've been worried about democracy have been given reason to hope.

Rep. Keith Ellison: The mistake in my past, and the case for my DNC candidacy

My values have always been based on respect for all people. But as a young activist, I should have listened more and talked less.

Readers Write (Dec. 6): 'Drain the swamp,' Trump's Carrier deal, Trump's diplomacy, Standing Rock, Islam's history

Frustration's origins — and limits.

Is decision a brief timeout or a game-changer for Standing Rock?

Obama, Trump have more work to do.

U.S. has moral obligation to Afghan interpreters

At a time when anti-immigrant rhetoric is running high, we must keep our doors open, and widen them, to allies who helped the U.S. at great personal risk.