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Editorial Board endorsement: Richfield mayor is best choice for open Hennepin County seat

NEW LONDON, CT - MAY 21: A member of the Secret Service stands behind a wall while U.S. President George W. Bush speaks during the Coast Guard Academy Graduation ceremony May 21, 2003 in New London, Connecticut. Bush emphasized his administrations efforts to eradicate AIDS, poverty and famine in a speech during the ceremony. Security throughout America has been heightened after the White House increased terror warning to high. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: MIN1604031723560007

Debbie Goettel's experience gives her an edge over Maureen Scallen Failor.

The new way to influence people: Pre-suasion

Research done in the last 15 years shows that optimal persuasion is achieved by arranging for people to agree with a message before they know what's in it.

Donald Trump and the election

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U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer can help the GOP rebuild after Trump
Lori Sturdevant

He's a loyal team player, even in this election. He also has an broader vision for his party.

Rash Report: 'Madaya Mom,' Marvel's super Syrian hero
John Rash

Realistic comic strip goes where cameras can't.

Kudos to Bob Dylan, but will he accept the Nobel Prize?

Here is a reason why he might very well be reticent, if he is indeed so.

A birthday letter to Hillary Clinton

Those who break glass ceilings end up with cuts and scars, but you learned early on how to vanquish bullies.

Five reasons why you can count on Minnesota's voting system

In politics, nothing is squeaky clean. But Minnesota's tough election safeguards are as close to it as is humanly possible.

Minnesotans beware: Heroin overdoses can end in death

Two of six who overdosed in the metro area Saturday lost their lives.

Readers Write (Oct. 25): Academic rigor in kindergarten, legislative pay amendment, health insurance, Bob Dylan's prize

Pushing kids before they are ready leads to struggling.

What's a voter like me to do? (The social conservative)

Values are marginalized on this ballot — so my pick is who state caucusgoers wanted: Marco Rubio. I'll write him in.

What's a voter like me to do? (The progressive)

Clinton voted for the war. She's a tool of the 1 percent. But Trump must not win, and Stein can't. So …

What's a voter like me to do? (The Republican)

This year's primaries produced a nominee unworthy of my party's noble past and dangerous to its future.

What's a voter like me to do? (The progressive, part two)

This is not the American Revolution, but there is a similar call for radicalism that leads those who hear it to Jill Stein.

WikiLeaks is exposing Clinton's duplicity, but it's no hero

Julian Assange belongs in jail. Still, in reporting on his leaks, the media should be consistent — and it's far from it.

AT&T/Time Warner merger raises host of doubts for consumers

The proper template for considering this merger's dangers to consumer is Comcast's 2011 merger with NBCUniversal.

Vote yes on pay amendment for Minnesota Legislature

Legislators won't raise their own pay, and that's bad in the long run.

U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer can help the GOP rebuild after Trump

He's a loyal team player, even in this election. He also has an broader vision for his party.