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Trump's crush on Russia, Putin deserves scrutiny

Graffiti in Vilnus, Lithuania, depicted Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Voters must know more about candidate's possible financial ties.

St. Cloud's cohesive spirit shines through

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, center, says that the “key to being a strong community is to get to know one another. That’s how you build trust. And trust is the most important thing to surviving an event like we just had.”

In the week after a man stabbed 10 people at a mall, this city's remarkable calm reflected years of community bridge-building.

North Korea

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St. Cloud's cohesive spirit shines through
Lori Sturdevant

In the week after a man stabbed 10 people at a mall, this city's remarkable calm reflected years of community bridge-building.

What is deserved for a sex offender?
D.J. Tice

The Heinrich confession and a case with an offender less vile raise the question anew.

Federal Reserve struggles to find the path forward

Central bank would be helped by sound U.S. economic policy.

Readers Write (Sept. 25): Donald Trump, Super PAC ad, Allina ad, hate crimes

Commentary on "The value of Trump" was magical thinking.

If the system's 'rigged,' it's long been in Trump's favor

Over decades, he's taken the art of tapping taxpayer largesse and exploiting tax law loopholes to heights few have approached.

America has lived through an 'age of terror' before

From the 1880s to the 1920s, anarchist "propaganda by deed" — often expressed with dynamite — routinely rocked the U.S. and Europe. The loose extremist network looked a bit like today's.

'Gridiron Glory' exhibit shows NFL's hold on U.S.

Despite its challenges, the league will likely endure.

Rest of the nation will follow Minnesota's lead on triclosan

"Big Soap" given a year to get potentially toxic additive out of products.

There's more than trade to lose by rejecting Trans-Pacific Partnership

U.S. credibility — not to mention economic leadership in Asia — would take a devastating hit.

Education-based high school athletics are an extension of the classroom

A football game between two schools with no previous connection provided good lessons.

Here's why I'm not TOO worried about a Trump victory

Each time Trump edges closer, Clinton's lukewarm supporters feel the heat.

Readers Write (Sept. 24): Police-involved shootings, CNN, President Obama, distracted driving, Friday night lights, taking a knee

Put our technological know-how to work on a solution.

Mississippi River requires agriculture's help to stay healthy

Minnesota should combine stronger regulations, market-based policies.

Bullying executives won't result in lower prescription drug costs

Congress needs to allow Medicare to negotiate prices, among other steps.

How news coverage has tarnished Clinton

By making much ado over her e-mails, the media has buried her qualifications and policies.