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Keep the pressure on for-profit schools to be accountable

Globe University in Woodbury.

Fraud scandal at two Minnesota schools leaves students as victims.

Sack cartoon: Kellogg's, Breitbart

Kellogg's, Breitbart

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Rash Report: Brexit not an exit of U.K. creativity
John Rash

The British Arrows Awards, now screening at the Walker, show Britain's international cultural impact.

Voters do worry that billionaires buy elections
Lori Sturdevant

Trump, unbeholden to big money? Just a wish.

Standing Rock pipeline protest is much ado about basic infrastructure

Army Corps went to great lengths to adjust Dakota Access route.

Religious beliefs and the marketplace: We're acting pre-emptively to protect our rights

We want to tell great film stories about marriage between men and women. State law would wrongly bind us.

Sue over fake news? You'd face some tough realities

Caveat lector – "reader beware" – and other factors suggest the law is wary to protect news consumers from themselves.

Counterpoint: Criticism of study on gentrification missed key points

For one thing, increases in rent have a greater impact in individual neighborhoods than citywide medians indicate.

Readers Write (Dec. 8): Fake news, wedding-services lawsuit, sanctuary cities, 'Cold Outside' lyrics, ranked-choice voting

One side has dominated while the other has shrunk from the fake-news battle.

One disagreeable thing Obama and Trump have in common

One is subtle and smooth, the other coarse and blunt -- but the smug contempt for all who disagree is identical.

The lessons of Pearl Harbor and an 'end to illusions'

The consequences of retreating behind our borders are a concern again today.

Sack cartoon: Standing Rock under Trump

Post-election, NRA ramps up attack on gun laws

Organization spent $40 million to help elect Trump and Senate candidates.

Pearl Harbor and the 'first shot' Minnesotans of the USS Ward

The crew responded swiftly to a threat. Naval Command, not as much.

St. Paul needs its swamped drained just as much as Washington

There's one in St. Paul, too, high on a hill but just as foul. Let's take a good look at the cronyism of the Dayton administration.

Keep experimenting with ranked-choice voting

It can't heal all that ails U.S. democracy, but it can make a difference.

Readers Write (Dec. 7): JROTC and military service, fake news, guns, business and politics, the Earned Income Tax Credit

Kids are smart enough to decide on the JROTC experience and military service.