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Sack cartoon: Obamacare


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U.S. Rep. Tom Emmer can help the GOP rebuild after Trump
Lori Sturdevant

He's a loyal team player, even in this election. He also has an broader vision for his party.

Rash Report: 'Madaya Mom,' Marvel's super Syrian hero
John Rash

Realistic comic strip goes where cameras can't.

Editorial Board endorsement: Natalie Hudson for Minnesota Supreme Court

She has the experience, intellect and independence of mind justices need.

There is some stability amid all the acrimony of the presidential campaign

The GOP is on its way to a historic loss, but the Republicans can recover the presidency next time if they pick a, well, Republican.

MNsure remains the best way to find affordable health care and tax credits

The situation isn't all bad, especially when a tool like MNsure is available. But people must act fast to get in under the enrollment caps.

Higher education in Minnesota has become a bottomless money pit

The highest-paid public employees in Minnesota are in higher education, yet they're arrogant and out of touch.

Readers Write (Oct. 27): 'Rigged election' poll question, Paisley Park museum, Garrison Keillor

Paper failed in presenting the results of its "rigged election" poll question.

The Worst Generation has done its worst in this election

The baby boomers promised the dawning of new age of peace, love and rock n' roll. All we got was the music.

Readers Write (Oct. 26): Health care, nonprofit pay, voter participation, Hennepin County District 5 race

Let's acknowledge some realities about emergency rooms.

Sack cartoon: World Series at Wrigley


Editorial Board endorsement: Our picks for Minneapolis and St. Paul school boards

Ellison, Caprini, Reimnitz and Asberry in Minneapolis. Foster in St. Paul.

To our readers: An explanation of the Editorial Board's endorsement process

Our goal is to publish well-reasoned opinions that readers will find useful in making their own choices, whether they agree with our picks or not.

Dylan to Stockholm? Trump to … Des Moines?

We shouldn't fret much about the breviloquent Minnesotan, but the grandiloquent New Yorker should be rebuilding his résumé.

I'm pro-life, but support Hillary Clinton

It's not a perfect choice; there never is. But I see a bigger picture, both in this race and in faith's purpose. None of us is judge and jury.

Jamar Clark case: Cops' actions before shooting are key to the tragedy

It appeared the officers were looking for trouble where none existed. Exonerating them could lead to future, unnecessary incidents.