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It's time to repeal the ban on Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota

The push to legalize Sunday liquor sales has been a perennial topic in Minnesota. In this photo from 2013, a man shopped for beer at Surdyk’s in northeast Minneapolis on a Monday.

It's inconvenient, and why lose revenue to neighboring states?

Sack cartoon: A moment in Earth's history

A moment in Earth's history

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Rash Report: Eras diverge in a week of defining media moments
John Rash

Dramatic differences in policy, personality await the nation.

Trump's rise is a time to build up constitutional 'border security'
D.J. Tice

Let's hope he truly did appreciate Antonin Scalia.

Trump, GOP Congress have a few worthy ideas

Tax reform, education, bolstering military are ideas worth pursuing.

Implicit bias raises its ugly head in the Scarsella case

Will a mostly white jury give credence to the defendant's claims that he shot unarmed black protesters in self-defense?

Counterpoint: To get health insurance right, you must have accurate info

Rep. Jason Lewis did a disservice to readers in several of his comments about Obamacare.

Readers Write (Jan. 20): Women backing Trump, U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis, Meryl Streep, the abortion rate

The good and bad of knowing the big picture.

Adding some 'glitz' to a library isn't the problem, it's a solution

Providing up-to-date "core services" leads to tremendous growth — and new readers.

With Trump: No honeymoon, no coming together, no illusions. What a relief!

Nobody thinks he's a unifier, or a savior, or even a good man. He'll need actual results to succeed.

The transportation funding plan is moving fast

It may even work, especially with all the incentives for Republicans. But keep an eye on those obsolete, crazier-than-ever LRT schemes.

Readers Write (Jan. 19): Inauguration boycott, Trump's Cabinet, countering violent extremism, Minneapolis grocery store development, news coverage choices

Boycott is proper. Evidence abounds.

Sack cartoon: Moving day at the White House

British prime minister offers a more realistic view of Brexit

Until Tuesday, Theresa May had been vague about nation's next moves.

The Trump presidency: Few things are certain, but he will always flabbergast

Candidate Trump intimated a foreign policy less reliant on force of arms than his predecessors, but things are stacking up differently.

Minnesota needs to face reality about Real ID

The state’s misguided holdout threatens to burden the traveling public. State governments can resist clear directives from the federal government for only so long without…

Listen: An unprecedented presidency begins

What does the turbulent transition presage for President-elect Trump? Hear the "Playing Politics" analysis from WCCO Radio's John Williams and the Star Tribune Editorial Board's John Rash and D.J. Tice.