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Sack cartoon: The EpiPen episode

The EpiPen episode

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Not even business support delivers light rail
Lori Sturdevant

And it won't, with this GOP, until campaign money hinges on it.

Rash Report: 'Average Mohamed' story is everything but average
John Rash

Minneapolis' Mohamed Amin Ahmed creates a cartoon counternarrative to extremism.

Choose State Capitol art that unifies Minnesotans

It's time to boot two offensive paintings out of governor's reception room.

Progressives should give Trump a fair look on trade, immigration

Especially if they want to do right for Mexico's least fortunate.

Your brain on steroids: A bigger problem than we know

A typical user is not necessarily an Olympian, and consequences abound.

Your brain on drugs, revisited and revised

The fried-egg metaphor was always simplistic. Effects vary from drug to drug and user to user. Our efforts to treat and prevent must acknowledge that complexity.

Readers Write (Aug. 25): Water use, Southwest light rail, downtown Minneapolis safety, child welfare and American Indians, video games and violence, athletes and ads, the Clinton Foundation's finances

If you toy with your H2O, stop and think.

Why Latinos should vote for Trump

Immigration isn't our main concern; jobs are, and on that count, he's our man. That's not all.

Why Putin would vote for Trump …

… and, in a sense, may. He likes the policies, he likes the prospect of a distracted America and he doesn't like the opponent.

Sack cartoon: The Hillary Clinton stash

Another Trump conspiracy: voter fraud

Despite lack of evidence, he questions election legitimacy.

Counterpoint: State is on task regarding new workforce rules for the disabled

This is an urgent but huge transformation. The Department of Employment and Economic Development is prepared.

Southwest light rail: Eliminate the political veto of a practical need

Business leaders must do more to eject obstructionists from legislative power. Metro Transit must have the independence to do its work. Now is the time.

Don't let one judge distort representative government in Minneapolis

City should be applauded for appealing decision on $15 minimum wage.

Southwest light rail: Despite House intransigence, governor must secure local funding

We cannot stop pushing the Legislature on all modes of transportation to benefit all Minnesotans, but for this project, a federal deadline looms.