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Don't let Minnesota lawmakers politicize road projects

Traffic slowly navigated through a construction zone on Hwy. 96 eastbound at Interstate 35E last summer.

The earmarking attempt by the 2016 Legislature should be dropped in 2017.

Sack cartoon: Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

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St. Cloud's cohesive spirit shines through
Lori Sturdevant

In the week after a man stabbed 10 people at a mall, this city's remarkable calm reflected years of community bridge-building.

What is deserved for a sex offender?
D.J. Tice

The Heinrich confession and a case with an offender less vile raise the question anew.

On U.S. crime rates, voter perception matters

Is Trump right that murders, rapes and aggravated assaults are rising? Maybe. The 2016 numbers, though, will bear watching.

Why I fight for gun safety – for my Aunt Shelley

This election season, know where your elected officials stand on strengthening our laws.

Readers Write (Sept. 29): Restaurant etiquette, gun violence, presidential debate, media bias, Wells Fargo

As a hostess, I have to deal with the "hangry."

Shimon Peres dreamed of Israel at peace

Although he accomplished much, his ultimate goal remained unfulfilled.

Steve Sack cartoon: Radical Islam


Readers Write (Sept. 28): Clinton-Trump first presidential debate, Arnold Palmer

For Trump, that was a little too much congratulating.

Sack cartoon: Clinton-Trump debate

First debate: Steady Clinton put unprepared Trump on the defensive

The GOP nominee wasn't up to the task in first presidential debate.

The first debate: Few thought Trump starred in this reality show

Commentary across the nation panned the Republican's ill-tempered, ill-prepared ramblings, while Clinton drew mild, mixed reviews.

In close race, votes for Stein and Johnson could help Trump

Their supporters might want to think again.

They let Trump be Trump, and it was bad

But will it matter?

Taking a grand tour of Planet Earth from 36,000 feet

For free in-flight entertainment, I'll keep the window shade up.