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A special session of the Minn. Legislature could do a lot of good

The Minnesota State Capitol..

Dayton and legislators should seize this last chance.

That story about fake news and Russia? Pretty thin gruel


The Washington Post bit on iffy evidence from a flimsy source.

Trump to Air Force One …

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Rash Report: Brexit not an exit of U.K. creativity
John Rash

The British Arrows Awards, now screening at the Walker, show Britain's international cultural impact.

Voters do worry that billionaires buy elections
Lori Sturdevant

Trump, unbeholden to big money? Just a wish.

Remembering the inventor of the Big Mac

Jim Delligatti gave fast food its special sauce.

Imagine the ways business services might be denied due to beliefs

Hypothetical examples show the holes in the argument to do so.

Column about unions, police and officer-involved shootings had serious flaws

And suggestion that "weeding out unfit cops" could help curb shootings is full of other flaws.

Readers Write (Dec. 10): Minneapolis City Council and Wells Fargo, wedding-services lawsuit, health insurance, John Glenn, civil war paintings

To members of the Minneapolis City Council: Banking is not your business.

John Glenn had the right stuff at the right time

Younger Americans can't imagine the intensity of hope, fear and admiration that surrounded the Cold War-era space race and its heroes.

Sack cartoon: Trump to Air Force One …

Hiring more cops should make Minneapolis a safer city

Mayor and council made the right call adding officers to bolster the force.

The DFL has a problem; here's an intervention and three-step program to help

And you do have one, as the elections show. A three-step program could help you win back voters who've left you.

Merkel tried to do right on refugees, but things went wrong

While many backed her policy of admitting refugees, others recoiled as costs and disruptions mounted, with deep political consequences.

Poised to offer paid parenting leave, Minnesota govt. sets a very good example

Minnesota is poised to offer the too-rare benefit to state workers. Others should follow suit.

Readers Write (Dec. 9): Wedding-services lawsuit, 'Cold Outside' lyrics, downtown Minneapolis, Dayton administration, political discourse

The notion that integrity hinges on wedding videos is grandiose.

Minneapolis takes a smart step to help small businesses

New 'navigator' office should make it easier to obtain city approvals.

Is Roe v. Wade doomed?

Maybe not, even if Trump gets to put more legal abortion opponents on the Supreme Court. But the chances are stronger than ever.