End the 24/7 demonstration at north Minneapolis police station.

Shut down encampment for safety and access.

Sack cartoon: The holiday shopping season


Municipal liquor stores: Minnesota cities don't belong in this business

Some make money, some lose money, but either way, these are monopolies that make no sense.

Ann Lenczewski's thoughts on taxes, after 17 years in the Legislature

Lori Sturdevant

She's been a type of politician that doesn't come along often.

Readers Write (Dec. 2): Toy donations, Black Lives Matter, pain medication, candidates' preparedness, Hy Berman

Ideas for what all ages of kids — tots to teens — could use.

'1 in 5 Muslims' hashtag lets all Muslim-Americans answer insult with satire

British newspaper's silly report echoed questions we're often asked. Answer:  Violence, however inspired, revolts and saddens us — just like you.

Why are we so quick to blame murders on pro-life rhetoric?

Could it be that most in the media are pro-choice, and see those who disagree as extremists?

Trump's nonsense-and-grudges formula sells in U.S.

From McCarthy to Wallace to Perot, a blustery line of role models.

Red-tape rescue: Dayton troubleshoots roadblock so state employee can counsel returning veterans

Governor's executive order is a boost for a vital mission — preventing suicides.

Standing tall for justice will bring revolution of attitude

From the death of a young man who couldn't escape the odds stacked against him, the North Side and its youth can be renewed.

Don't risk credibility on 'hands up'-style claims

Systemic racism is the truth, but facts in Jamar's case aren't clear.

Readers Write (Dec. 1): Applebee's attack, Democrats and "Islamic terrorism," Democrats and the economy, Planned Parenthood attack, Holidazzle

The Islamophobia on display in Coon Rapids is just not OK.

Hy Berman, Minnesota's great historian, taught us well

He helped residents know their state's story with eye toward the future.

Planned Parenthood, civility are victims in a warlike attack

Americans have a right to debate abortion, but this is a nation of laws.

Climate conference offers an opportunity for a global response

Post-Paris implementation of an agreement is what will matter most.

Readers Write (Nov. 30): Community solar gardens, cover crops, U 9/11 recognition, flunking candidates

If you check the fine print, you'll see that solar power does add value to the grid.

Football, the all-American game: Conquest, plus collateral damage

Has pro football become too important? Just asking.

History proves Thomas Jefferson was wrong (whew)

Ben Carson's misunderstanding aside, we can be thankful that James Madison's view of the Constitution prevailed.

Separation of powers: We must rein in today's rule by experts

Courts are too permissive about letting Congress delegate power to the agencies.