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Minnesota Legislature should take another shot at a 'One State Agenda'

The Minnesota State Capitol.

But special session must avoid playing regional favorites.

Sack cartoon: The 2016 Legislature

Rash Report: Rising asymmetric threats may shift military's role

John Rash

Sharp partisan divides on nation's place in the world.

On what will we weigh Minnesota legislators this November?

Lori Sturdevant

National elections (Trump? Clinton?) usually drive state results. But, but, but …

Readers Write (May 29): What's wrong/right with golf,

"What's the matter with golf today?" Or, rather, what's right?

Restroom wars: A tolerant nation ties itself into knots

These tricky times call for compassion all around.

A Twin Cities Catholic's open letter to the new archbishop

We give — have always given, but now we need to know God's work is being done.

Amid a cascade of 'lasts,' a final napkin note

My wife and I have put thousands in with school lunches. But, of course, all things end.

Drivers, we have met the enemy, and it is us

As a potentially deadly summer begins, it's up to each person to pay attention and buckle up.

Environmentalists, agriculture industry team up on Minnesota water quality

Key initiatives to reduce runoff gained broad support in Legislature.

Stone collage is a Capitol tribute to Minnesota workers

In a new mural, Dave Roe's dream of a lasting memorial comes true.

Readers Write (May 28): Gun violence in Minneapolis, Hillary Clinton's e-mails, transgender accommodations, fear itself, mini golf at the Walker

Police work is only one tool against gun violence.

The disappearing middle class, and a nation, on the brink

Lesson from Rome: Concentration of wealth destroys democracy.

Should public foot the bill to rescue reckless risk-takers?

If they won't put down a rescue deposit, extreme athletes should test the limits at their own risk.

Civility takes a hit as protesters cry foul

From presidential race to Minneapolis, the noise drowns out democracy.

Sack cartoon: The Clinton e-mails

Readers Write (May 27): Subsidized housing for artists, University of Minnesota, Hillary Clinton

Subsidized housing for artists: The discussion continues.

Student voices are to be heard, not ignored

The media would have you believe that the St. Paul schools are a war zone. The trouble with that is, no one asked us — and we care.

A legislative no-brainer: Pass state funds to finish project for the homeless

Governing is hard work, but providing money for the new Dorothy Day Center should be easy.