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A new, stylish online magazine introduces itself as “a lifestyle magazine first, a bike magazine second.” Still, the wheeled world permeates throughout because the two are one, especially in the über bike-friendly Twin Cities.

JoyRide Magazine launched Nov. 2, and the response “has been fantastic and really beyond our expectations,” said publisher Dena Alspach in an e-mail conversation with the Star Tribune.

“We’re having a total blast and look forward to hosting a launch ride and celebration very soon.”

Whether it’s getting conversation started with #BicycleLoveLetters to Huffy Paydirts and Soulcraft Royales or a column about new bike lanes on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis, what is on JoyRide’s digital pages befits the magazine’s name.

One feature, MINN OG, is about cycling’s originals “who’ve been around the block.” The inaugural edition has a feature about Bill “Baba” O’Reilly, a member in the early 1990s of the Mountain Bike Gurus Forum. “Imagine the Hank Williams Country-Style Fitness Showdown, which included lassoing a chair, and the Don Shelby Bassmaster Classic, where ‘you’d race your bike through the woods and come to a clearing with four kiddie wading pools and Popeil Pocket Fishermen.’ That was the goofy-creative crew Baba ran with,” writes magazine editor Patrick Stephenson (the engine behind 30 Days of Biking).

Alspach weighed in on a few other topics:

On the content

“We’ll post new content weekly. Readers can sign up to receive an e-mail which will include new stories and events. Columns like MINN OG (Stephenson), Wild Spaces (Ben Weaver) and The Fit (Nicole Eikenberry) will appear monthly.”

On the publishers

“Our initial partners include Metro Transit, One on One Bicycle Studio and Banjo Brothers. We’re working closely with many other organizations to build custom content programs, and we’ll be adding a partner page very soon with all the details. Underwritten content will be clearly noted.”

On early hopes and dreams

“We do plan to launch a quarterly print version once we gain strong momentum with readers (and partners, of course!). A seasonal magazine about cycling in Minnesota will offer some really fun and unique opportunities. We’re especially excited about creating a gorgeous winter issue.”

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