Somekawa, Carl Kiyoshi 95, died of natural causes on April 11, 2017. The long-time owner of a Wayzata CPA firm, Carl lived at Meridian Manor with Mari, his cherished wife of 69 years. Carl grew up in an active family of 8 in Portland, OR. He was an avid sports fan and was known as a gifted athlete with a special love of baseball. When World War II erupted, Carl was a student at Oregon State College, where he played on the baseball team. Solely because of his Japanese heritage, he was ordered to Minidoka Internment Camp in 1942. In 1943 with the support of the Quakers, he was allowed to leave the Internment Camp to go to college. After a year in Boston, he moved to St. Paul to live with sister, Emi, and her husband, Howard Nomura, and graduated from the U of M with a BA in accounting. Carl had a great affinity for numbers. Any kind of numbers. He liked to add the numbers of passing license plates and identify number patterns he encountered while shopping. (His love of numbers also enhanced his skill with a deck of cards.) As a frugal student with limited means, Carl courted Mari. In family lore, "Streetcar Carl" succeeded in charming Mari and won her heart over another suitor she called "Taxicab Bob." Carl and Mari were married in 1947. Carl was grateful to Ray Plank, the only person willing to give Carl a job following World War II in the face of widespread bias against Japanese Americans. Plank also pointed Carl and Mari to Ridgeview Drive. Here they built a home, made lifelong friends, and saw their children flourish. His family greatly appreciates the care and attention paid to Carl by the superb staff of Meridian Manor. In addition to his wife Mari, he is survived by sister Aida Kozu, son Roger Somekawa (Dianne), daughter Ellen Somekawa (Eric Joselyn), and grandchildren Kevin Some-kawa, Tai Joselyn and Chi Pham. The family celebrated Carl's life at a private reception held in lieu of a formal service. Memorials to Asian Americans United (1023 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123) in Carl's name are welcomed.