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Well here’s a weird, hilarious and probably utterly forgettable little thing involving TWO men with Minnesota ties that happened TNT’s broadcast of the 76ers’ 112-109 loss to the Celtics on Tuesday:

Former Gophers/Celtics star and Wolves executive/coach Kevin McHale was doing the broadcast for TNT — much to the chagrin of 76ers fans — and it seems as though a microphone was left on when he didn’t realize it.

The mic caught McHale using a compound word involving two body parts — one part specific to males — to describe someone, and right as he was uttering those words the camera was on former Timberwolves player Jimmy Butler.

McHale was talking with former 76ers player Jimmy Jackson when he said, “(I used to) get into it with him steady,” before uttering the profanity. “Yep. He hasn’t changed a bit, I guess.”

It’s not 100 percent clear who exactly McHale was talking about, but he told the Philadelphia Inquirer, “No, no, no. I promise you it wasn’t (Butler). It was somebody else.”

A longer version of the audio makes it sound like McHale might have been talking about NBA referee Scott Foster.

Later on the broadcast, McHale said: “I apologize. J.J. and I were talking about a guy we both know. (Fans) don’t need to listen to that.”