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Biggest jump: Titans No. 21 to No. 14

Biggest fall: Texans No. 13 to No. 26

1. Patriots, 6-2 (Last week: 1)

Sorry, Philly. In a head-to-head matchup, I’m sticking with these fellas.

2. Eagles, 8-1 (2)

Impressive because they don’t wobble against the floundering teams like Denver.

3. Rams, 6-2 (3)

What Sean McVay has done for Jared Goff and that offense is Coach of the Year-worthy.

4. Steelers, 6-2 (7)

Coming off a bye with a 2 1/2-game division lead and facing the Colts. Rich get richer.

5. Vikings, 6-2 (5)

The meat of the schedule has arrived to let us know if this ranking is too high … or low.

6. Cowboys, 5-3 (11)

Until Ezekiel Elliott is actually removed from the playing surface, let’s assume this is a serious NFC contender.

7. Chiefs, 6-3 (4)

They’re still good, but they’ve also lost three of their last four games.

8. Saints, 6-2 (8)

Winning streak reaches six games as Drew Brees and rookie Alvin Kamara prove to be an efficient duo.

9. Panthers, 6-3 (10)

When the Falcons game was slipping away, Cam Newton and the run game just punched Atlanta in the face.

10. Jaguars, 5-3 (12)

Finally. Team Yo-Yo puts two wins together.

11. Redskins, 4-4 (15)

Thank you, Blair Walsh.

12. Seahawks, 5-3 (6)

Curse you, Blair Walsh.

13. Bills, 5-3 (9)

Latest victim of the NFL’s insistence that Thursday night games are good for the league.

14. Titans, 5-3 (21)

Not sure how good they are because I’m not sure how good Baltimore is. But 5-3 leads the AFC South.

15. Lions, 4-4 (17)

They held the ball for more than 36 minutes and still averaged 11.4 yards per pass attempt at Green Bay.

16. Falcons, 4-4 (14)

After Julio Jones’ drop in the end zone, it’s becoming pretty clear this ain’t Atlanta’s year.

17. Bears, 3-5 (16)

They’re coming off a bye and playing a home game against a Packers team that played Monday night.

18. Jets, 4-5 (22)

They don’t seem to mind Thursday games after putting up 34 on the Bills.

19. Ravens, 4-5 (18)

Not sure what to make of this team, other than it’s not a playoff team.

20. Raiders, 4-5 (27)

A solid win in Miami against an efficient Jay Cutler.

21. Cardinals, 4-4 (26)

They call him All-Day, but can Adrian Peterson carry the ball 37 times Every Day? Probably not.

22. Chargers, 3-5 (23)

Coming off a bye week, they have to travel to Jacksonville, which suddenly is a tough assignment.

23. Packers, 4-4 (20)

Mike McCarthy said Brett Hundley isn’t the only issue. Looking at Mike’s defense, I concur.

24. Dolphins, 4-4 (19)

They can’t afford to drop home games against losing teams. Not with a Monday nighter at Carolina coming up.

25. Colts, 3-6 (29)

Too bad Andrew Luck and Deshaun Watson had to watch while Jacoby Brissett and Tom Savage played.

26. Texans, 3-5 (13)

It’s over. Injuries have destroyed this team.

27. Bengals, 3-5 (24)

Outplayed and outclassed in Jacksonville.

28. Broncos, 3-5 (25)

They haven’t hit rock bottom yet, but they are able to see Cleveland on the horizon.

29. Buccaneers, 2-6 (28)

Who knew they’d be this lost this quickly?

30. 49ers, 0-9 (31)

I moved them ahead of the Giants. But they’ll settle this in San Fran on Sunday. Plenty of seats available.

31. Giants, 1-7 (30)

When Bob McAdoo said everybody is susceptible to being benched, did he include himself?

32. Browns, 0-8 (32)

With the 49ers facing the Giants, Cleveland’s Draft Kings must be extra uncareful in Detroit this week.