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ORONOCO, Minn. — Residents living near an auto parts recycling business in southeastern Minnesota say the salvage yard is disrupting their lives.

Residents near Oronoco Auto Parts say the plant's heavy truck traffic and loud operations are disturbing early in the morning and late at night, despite the business being limited to operating between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., the Post Bulletin reported .

"We bought this house knowing there'd be some noise, being next to a salvage yard," said Brandon Evans, who lives next door to the yard. "But it wasn't a junk yard running anywhere near this capacity when we bought (the home)."

Resident Jean Myhre said the business changed from selling used car parts to crushing metal into scrap about a year ago.

"The dynamics of the business changed," Myhre said. "It used to be eight to 10 guys working from 8 to 5. Now, it's all morning through all night."

The city placed cameras along the road to the salvage yard last month to record traffic. The cameras have recorded more than 80 trips by excavation vehicles, said Joe Palen, the city engineer.

The city has also sent letters to the business about violations of the city noise ordinance and dumpster ordinance, but the business hasn't been cited or fined.

Oronoco Auto Parts didn't return the newspaper's request for comment.