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Hand-blown glass plays with a rare winter commodity — light — by holding, reflecting, and radiating it. These pieces are cool to the touch but when hit by light, they warm up and their surfaces dance. Minnesota is blessed with many glass artists and opportunities to learn about this art form. Beginners and pros alike can rent studio time and take classes at Foci Minnesota Center for Glass Arts in Minneapolis or Vandalia Glassworks in St. Paul. And that’s just for starters. Here’s a selection of sumptuous work from area artists. Invite one of these magical objects into your home, and spring will be here before you know it.

Cathy Richardson

Love and concern for coral reefs inspired this paperweight. Each inner detail is also handmade glass. $2,000,

Stephan Cox

“Jungle Walker” and “Dancing Teapot” sculptures provide beauty in tandem. $3,600-$8,000,

Thomas Maras

“Rising Road” is a piece from the “Horizon” series, which Maras describes as a lava lamp landscape. $275,

Craig Campbell

The etched imagery of “Nouveau Ode” is a nod to the artist Alphonse Mucha and the art nouveau period. $350,

Nicole Fierce

This vase from Fierce’s “Carnival Tent” series of work embraces — and has fun with — color. $120,

Andrew Shea

The glass in this amethyst cut vase is ground, sandblasted and acid-etched to perfection. $800,