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Reporter | Food industry

Mike Hughlett covers the food industry for the Star Tribune,.including General Mills and Supervalu. Previously, he was a food reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

Life Time's Bahram Akradi is now on Northern Oil and Gas board

Akradi, the company's second largest investor, originally was rejected for a seat in June.

Employees hurt at Xcel plant in Becker

Xcel investigating cause of accident.

Regulators deciding whether to raise 'social cost of carbon' in Minnesota

PUC will hold hearings and vote next week on policy that could affect what type of power plants are built and where.

Green Line is back in service after light-rail train, car crash in St. Paul, injuring 3

The two people in the car and one train passenger were taken to the hospital; buses were replacing trains on part of the Green Line.

Two people arrested after body is found in garage of St. Paul home

A body found Friday in the garage at the 600 block of Lawson Avenue E. may have been there for weeks, said police, calling the case "extremely disturbing."

Lawsuits, unpaid bills cast shadow over large Minn. solar project

Scores of subcontractors have filed a blizzard of claims, saying they were not paid for their work on the $290 million project that was completed last month. One attorney estimated that at least $85 million is owed.

North Dakota coal industry is alive and well

North Dakota's industry is an economic anchor that is surviving.

Appeals court rules in favor of Jimmy John's franchisee

Ruling reverses decision that favored fired workers' push for a new sick policy.

Minnesota's second 100-megawatt solar project is up and running

The Enel-owned project's 16 plants will produce power for more than 17,000 homes.

Oil country eases into break from frantic growth

The oil boom that ignited North Dakota's economy in the early part of this decade created new jobs, new businesses, new housing and new amenities. And while the downturn that started in late 2014 tamed western North Dakota's economy, it never crushed it.