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Mark Craig covers the NFL and the Vikings.

With Forbath unsigned, Vikings one of two teams without a kicker on roster

With six months until the season opens and free agent kickers facing a buyers' market, the Vikings don't need to worry about a kicker anytime soon

Craig: Rest of NFC North has work to do after free agency

With determination and deep pockets, the Vikings cast a large shadow over their NFC North counterparts during the first wave of free agency.

Vikings go big, sign defensive tackle Richardson

Sheldon Richardson, the 2013 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, is coming to Minnesota in hopes of jump starting his promising and still-young career as a starting tackle.

Don't expect Cousins contract to become an NFL trend

A QB of this caliber, still in his prime, reaching the open market before his 30th birthday is pretty much the NFL equivalent of spotting Bigfoot reeling in the Loch Ness Monster.

Of all teams, Vikings know value of a good backup plan

The key to winning in the NFL these days might be a team's depth at backup quarterback. The Vikings know that from their own success -- and end-of-season failure.

Wherever Cousins signs, he's about to enter the salary stratosphere

So, what's Kirk Cousins worth, you ask? The answer here is very similar to the go-to response when called upon in algebra class a few decades ago: "Um, ah … no idea."

Four NFL free agents worth the money and four free agents to avoid

Star Tribune NFL writer Mark Craig takes a swing through the mall to assess which NFL free agents he'd buy and which ones he'd stay away from.

As Eagles look back, Vikings fans can finally look forward again

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles may not be looking ahead. But that's the only sensible direction for Vikings fans to look after watching the last couple of weeks.

Eagles defense still makes key plays in sea of offense

In a championship game that featured 1,151 total yards, 74 points and one punt, the Eagles made three defensive stops that were every bit as valuable as their quarterback throwing for 374 yards and three TDs.

Catch rule controversy rears its ugly head

Did the NFL take the easy way out during a replay review in Sunday's Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium?