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Mark Brunswick covers military affairs for the Star Tribune. He has had assignments in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo and has focused on domestic issues related to PTSD, returning veterans, military recruitment and the new role of women in the military. Previously, he covered state government and politics from the Star Tribune's state capitol bureau in St. Paul.

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VA says wounded Iraq War vet's sculpture is too real to display

It includes four 155 mm shells connected by wires, to represent the IEDs involved in his injury, but officials called them a risk to public safety.

Minnesota Guard soldiers to deploy to Kuwait and Afghanistan

The two teams going are the first of four deployments scheduled for the unit.

After getting cold shoulder from St. Paul, Detroit Lakes builds its own ice palace

It will be an homage to a town that once took pride in being an ice harvesting capital.

Minnesota military police unit returns from deployment to Gitmo

Minnesota military police unit returns from mission at Gitmo

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said new riot gear won't be purchased until after a full discussion of the issue

Duluth's police chief says he will hold off on a plan for purchasing updated riot gear, at least temporarily resisting a national trend of militarization…

Anonymous $25M donation to Gustavus Adolphus College to support career and vocational readiness

St. Peter liberal arts college puts focus on "career-related learning."

At notoriously haunted hotel in LeRoy, Minn., expect a shake-up call

The spirits lurking in Sweet's Hotel seem friendly enough — to those who have dared to check them out.

Vets forge new opportunity at Avon blacksmith shop

Dozens of vets showed up in Avon, Minn., to learn the craft of blacksmithing – and maybe something about themselves.

Big changes coming in the needs of Minnesota's veterans

In decades to come, the VA will be helping more women -- and more veterans with chronic conditions.

Psychiatrist Robert Jeub dies at 96 of natural causes

Psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Robert Jeub was a pioneer in using modern techniques to diagnose mental illness and testified at a number of prominent criminal…