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Tenants of embattled Minneapolis landlord get temporary reprieve from eviction

Judge canceled trial, threatened to dismiss most evictions after landlord improperly filed cases.

Minneapolis Council passes limits on tenant screening by landlords

City Council members have pushed the ordinance as a way to reduce barriers amid Minneapolis' affordable housing crisis.

Small landlords fear Minneapolis limits on tenant screening

On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council is expected to vote on an ordinance that would limit the ability of landlords to screen the backgrounds of tenants.

Metro HRA proposes minimum rent requirements for Section 8 voucher holders

270 households would pay at least $50; St. Paul, Mpls. have similar policy.

Minneapolis Housing Authority gets OK to transfer 640 houses to nonprofit ownership

New funds will pay for upgrades at hundreds of houses across the city.

Panelists at University of Minnesota call racial disparities in maternal deaths 'staggering'

The discussion, which is part of a national tour organized by the Congressional Black Caucus, said saving black moms will require radical shift in thinking.

Mpls. tenants, landlords square off over limits on screening renters

A Minneapolis City Council committee approves the proposed ordinance after the packed public hearing

Mpls. HIV housing community gets federal funding

Clare Housing will get $950,000 to continue helping people living with HIV.

Minnesota Department of Revenue sued over keeping cash after property sales

Revenue Dept. keeps what is left over after forfeiture, 90-year-old claims in court.

Minnesota launches new housing benefit for poor seniors and people with disabilities

Nearly 8,000 people will receive housing support under the new Medicaid benefit.