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Minnesota eviction numbers see dramatic decline in past decade

The number statewide has dropped 33% since the foreclosure crisis.

Minneapolis council member's call to slow repairs on scattered-site housing defeated

Residents' advocacy group had raised concerns about the effect of renovations.

Do you struggle with debt collection from a Minnesota hospital? Tell us about it.

It's the call no one wants to get after a hospital visit: the collection agency. The soaring cost of health care means millions of Americans…

Abdi Warsame chosen to lead Minneapolis public housing agency

The Minneapolis City Council member received unanimous approval Wednesday to lead the agency.

Minneapolis elected officials urge delay in renovation plan for 640 houses

Council member, state senators want assurances no families will be displaced by the "scattered site" work.

New Minnesota rule locks in rents for some low-income tenants

The one-year lock, which applies to units getting a federal housing credit, aims to stabilize rents for low-income residents.

Minneapolis City Council passes tenant relocation assistance ordinance

Minneapolis landlords who have license revoked will have to pay for tenants' move

Minnesotans on food stamps would lose under federal proposal for utility costs

Minnesotans on food stamps would lose out if utility deduction changes.

After fatal fire, Minnesota senators press for money for sprinklers in public housing

"Having this issue come to the fore this way is really tragic," Sen. Tina Smith said.

After Minneapolis public housing fire, lack of funding comes to light

Statewide, Minnesota public housing authorities have an estimated $354.9 million in critical maintenance and repairs, according to a report this year.