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Minnesota liquor stores gear up for the start of Sunday sales

Mike Thomas, of Thomas Liquors in St. Paul, has mixed feelings about the new law.

Some are choosing to remain closed, though the long-held ban ends July 2.

Minneapolis, St. Paul gain larger slice of metro population

Maryrose Dolezal and Roya Moltaji, right, danced to Van Morrison's "Moondance" after drinks on the rooftop with friends who live at the A-Mill Artist Lofts, part of the Minneapolis riverfront housing boom.

For the first time in a century, the central cities' share of the metro area's population is on pace to grow instead of shrink, a stunning reversal that long seemed unlikely. And the shift is most noticeable in the downtowns.

Warrants show deep dive into records of Castile, Reynolds, but not Yanez

Investigators pored through social media accounts and cellphones, but less so for the officer who shot Philando Castile.

BCA completes investigation of St. Paul mayoral candidate Thao

A lobbyist alleged that Thao's campaign solicited a bribe.

Gregorian chants get a sacred encore and a showcase in St. Paul

Experts and students of the ancient sacred music have gathered at the University of St. Thomas for what is billed as "the most in-depth teaching conference ... on sacred music in the world."

Family-owned its entire 65 years, Dairy Queen on Snelling closes for good

"We have developed many friendships and loyal customers over the years, and we will miss you."

Yanez had limited training in defusing situations, records show

Instructors say de-escalation tactics might have helped during the officer's traffic stop of Philando Castile.

$100,000 federal grant is expected to help St. Paul East Side artists to continue to grow

NEA grant is intended to help East Side arts efforts grow.

Police complain after being told they can't march in Pride parade

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau calls the move "divisive" after Twin Cities Pride organizers ask officers not to march in parade so soon after Jeronimo Yanez not-guilty verdict and continued tension.

Suspicious fire destroys playground at St. Paul rec center

"It's a loss for the neighborhood and the school."

Access crusader Tony Webster gets to heart of Castile shooting files

Tony Webster's blog and Twitter feed have become must-reads for those interested in details of the killing of Philando Castile by St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez.

'Don't...get shooted,' girl pleads with mom after Castile is shot

The exchange is captured in the latest videos released from the investigation into the fatal shooting of Philando Castile. On Friday, officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty of manslaughter in the shooting.

Planned Parenthood supporters rally in St. Paul

The rally, lit by hundreds of pink lights at sunset, joined similar events in at least 20 other states.

Long No. 2, Ramsey County now grows at rate equal to Hennepin

Forecasts call for that to continue for decades to come, thanks to immigrants making the east metro home.

Gun, gang violence 'No. 1 priority,' St. Paul police chief says one year into job

St. Paul chief reflects on his immediate challenges.

St. Paul denies landlord's request to lock skyway doors early

Jaunae Brooks says she'll keep locking doors despite city's demand for street access.

Feds seize food from St. Paul warehouse infested with dead rodents, live birds

The facility failed its third inspection last month; owner says he's done storing food there.

Dashcam video: Before shots, Yanez yells, 'Don't pull it out!'

The case file was released Tuesday following Jeronimo Yanez's acquittal Friday in the July 6 killing that thrust Minnesota into the national debate over police use of force and racial profiling.

2-year-old St. Paul girl shot in head remains critical

Chastity Yulia Vang and about 20 other people were in the backyard of her father's house in the 200 block of Maryland Avenue W. late Sunday night.