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Lee Schafer came to the Star Tribune after 15 years as a corporate officer, consultant and investment banker in the Twin Cities. He has been a columnist for Twin Cities Business magazine and was senior editor for Corporate Report Minnesota.

Schafer: Could Amazon steal the Twin Cities' top talent if it expands here?

Complaining about competing against Amazon for workers would make Best Buy and Target look like whiners. But it's clearly an issue.

Oct. 5 event aims to help investors be better stewards of assets

Fred Martin, the founder and lead portfolio manager for Disciplined Growth Investors of Minneapolis, is also the founder and host of an event he hopes…

Schafer: Best Buy CEO tells investors it's all about the customer experience

Keeping the customers coming back seems pretty fundamental, but in traditional retailing it's easy to get distracted by the store.

Schafer: Teachers pension plan officials cry foul over report that used its numbers

When a standard changed, what was already a sizable financial hole turned into a crater.

Schafer: Is Amazon the big game for Twin Cities? Bring it on

The Twin Cities doesn't have to get Amazon.com's second headquarters and its potential of 50,000 jobs to get a big win out of the new headquarters sweepstakes.

Schafer: There's no good economic case for ending DACA

Most of what I learned in economics for a degree granted more than 30 years ago has long ago leached away, but I remembered enough…

Schafer: Savings from joining forces could make this deal a winner for H.B. Fuller Co.

Savings achieved by joining forces might make this deal a winner for H.B. Fuller Co.

Schafer: CEOs get a windfall and need perspective to handle it

People would be happier, and not to mention a lot easier to work for, if they really grasped that it's far too easy to give themselves credit for good fortune.

Schafer: Place your bets on college, not the lottery

There's an old line about a lottery that is well worth repeating: It's not a form of legalized gambling, it's a form of legalized swindling.

Schafer: Criticism isn't the only thing Wells Fargo's board deserves

Somebody on that board did a lot of hard work trying to fix the bank's problems.