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Lee Schafer came to the Star Tribune after 15 years as a corporate officer, consultant and investment banker in the Twin Cities. He has been a columnist for Twin Cities Business magazine and was senior editor for Corporate Report Minnesota.

Schafer: Aetna sale spotlights CEO pay

Aetna Inc. CEO Mark Bertolini will collect about half-a-billion dollars when and if Aetna’s sale to CVS Health closes, according to the Wall Street Journal.…

Schafer: CVS-Aetna deal is about catching up to UnitedHealth

Of the two competitors, the one to bet on is the one that doesn't need to operate a big network of brick-and-mortar stores.

Schafer: Big ACA tax bills catch some smaller employers by surprise

Some employers in the region have still been knocked back by the IRS letters landing in their mailboxes.

Schafer: Activist exits Wild Wings with little gain

Provided the deal with Arby's closes early next year as planned, McGuire persevered in a grimly determined proxy fight only to agree to a buyout premium of all of 3 percent once his nominees were elected.

Schafer: It's tempting to jump on that last 747 to MSP

Sure, it's just the retirement of a commercial airplane, but there never was anything ordinary about the 747.

Schafer: Saving for retirement isn't easy at any level of income and is hardest for the poor

Some books and financial advisors make it seem that saving for retirement is pretty simple. The implicit idea is that, if people still live on the financial edge after many years of working, there must be something wrong with them. That's not the case.

Schafer: Smart-home devices can learn too much about our daily lives

So really how smart — and harmless — is one of these things?

Schafer: Private equity firm finds Twin Cities has big pool of management talent

The sale of a majority stake in the Minneapolis software firm Jamf that was announced last month marked another milestone for investment firm Summit Partners,…

Schafer: Investment dollars always pursue a return

The decisions about how capital gets deployed also help explain why so many industries, such as restaurants and groceries, are cyclical.

Schafer: Merger is a good fit for Capella, Strayer

Some awfully entertaining reading can usually be found in the background of the merger section of the securities filings that companies prepare for shareholders when…