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Lee Schafer came to the Star Tribune after 15 years as a corporate officer, consultant and investment banker in the Twin Cities. He has been a columnist for Twin Cities Business magazine and was senior editor for Corporate Report Minnesota.

Schafer: Noncompete contracts can make it tough to change jobs

The law is fine, one Twin Cities attorney says. It's getting the law applied that's so challenging for workers.

Schafer: Minneapolis mutual fund manager Disciplined Growth Investors aims to attract clients directly

Some pithy, funny or sometimes odd statements about investing that appear on the sides of transit buses and billboards in the Twin Cities can be…

Schafer: St. Paul schools negotiators started out on the same side

Let’s hope the St. Paul Public Schools’ contract negotiations with its teachers’ union aren’t the start of a new and more chaotic era in labor…

Schafer: Fed wisely puts Wells Fargo on a short leash

The agreement with the Federal Reserve keeping a lid on the size of the Wells Fargo balance sheet is a big deal.

Schafer: Cliffs' CEO plays offense in Iron Range land dispute

Lourenco Goncalves, who put on a not-to-be-missed show for a roomful of Iron Rangers last week in Eveleth, is a miner with a track record of delivering.

Schafer: Wage inflation starting to show its face

There's nothing riskier when deciding what to do with your savings than concluding "this time it's really different" in the market.

Schafer: U.S. Bank finds policing the bad guys is expensive

U.S. Bank just booked a $608 million expense to settle with regulators over compliance failures.

Schafer: Why would Amazon snub Twin Cities in headquarters contest?

The worst possible outcome in the competition for Amazon.com's second headquarters has already come to pass for the Twin Cities.

Schafer: Higher interest rates drive investment? One CFO explains

Neel Kashkari of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis visited Cargill, and much of what the Fed really does was discussed.

Schafer: Visible City connects data to real-life decisionmaking needs

His company is still just a startup, yet Visible City has been analyzing multiple layers of data to do things like help a client find the sin­gle best site for a new a­part­ment build­ing. That seems pret­ty prac­ti­cal.