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Lee Schafer came to the Star Tribune after 15 years as a corporate officer, consultant and investment banker in the Twin Cities. He has been a columnist for Twin Cities Business magazine and was senior editor for Corporate Report Minnesota.

Schafer: Defining the Mayo Clinic could cost it millions in lawsuit

While it's obvious the Mayo Clinic is a health care provider, it's not at all obvious that this is the best way to describe it.

Schafer: New HealthPartners CEO keeps eye on goal of simpler, less costly care

The CEO changed but the business plan didn't at one of the largest health providers in the Twin Cities.

Schafer: For smaller firms, going public is a big challenge

The story of ASV illustrates some of the trends that have made Minnesota’s list of public companies much smaller than it once was. Before the…

Schafer: Why there's no longer such a thing as an affordable new house in Minneapolis

"In a weird way, it's not that complicated" to explain why those lots in Minneapolis are fairly valued at pretty much zero, said Chris Wilson, senior director of real estate development for the Minneapolis-based nonprofit Project for Pride in Living.

Schafer: Building leases can guarantee control for business owners

Just outside the construction fence for the Major League Soccer stadium project in St. Paul is Big Top Liquors, a retailer that has been there…

Schafer: Kipsu founder says low cost of living is region's secret weapon

First of an occasional series on the future of housing.   Entrepreneur Chris Smith just moved a company called Kipsu into new office space in…

Schafer: A large fee for proposed Fort Snelling housing project, yes, but the risk is there

Take a closer look at the project now called the A-Mill Artist Lofts, and you can see this isn't the kind of work that novices should take on.

Schafer: In consumer robotics race, Tennant keeps focus on customer

The machines embraced by mainstream customers rarely seem to be cool, ground-up inventions.

Schafer: Are low interest rates here to stay? Fed official says they might be

It always pays to be at least a little skeptical of talk of a new normal, but John Williams' talk was still well worth taking in.

Schafer: Mosaic's headquarters move is disappointing but put it into context

It was surprising to learn this week that the Mosaic Co. has elected to relocate its corporate headquarters to Florida, though the surprise was in…