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Lee Schafer came to the Star Tribune after 15 years as a corporate officer, consultant and investment banker in the Twin Cities. He has been a columnist for Twin Cities Business magazine and was senior editor for Corporate Report Minnesota.

Schafer: High income tax may aggravate Connecticut's budget problems

Connecticut's individual income tax collections have slid, recently coming in far below what had been forecast and lower than had been collected last year.

Schafer: Chaos in health care not scaring off investor

The latest healthcare and health insurance reform proposal collapsed in Washington this week, about when the Minneapolis health benefits company Gravie Inc. announced its latest…

Schafer: Sky-high pay packages have many searching for good explanations

It turned out to be a bad idea to look for research papers that explain why big companies routinely pay their top executives well into…

Schafer: St. Paul Ford plant site rhetoric exaggerates the risks

A decision about the master plan is still a long way off, but at least we know one thing now: Opponents are willing to talk nonsense about it.

Schafer: Business wisdom is seldom truly new

Another one of life's dreams ended, that of closing a career by writing a terrific management book.

Schafer: Wage hike will reshape dining experiences in Minneapolis

With Minneapolis charging ahead with a $15 per hour minimum wage last week, Minneapolis restaurant owners are already well down the road to figuring out a new model for the table service segment of the local industry.

Schafer: Minnesota's Lake County looks for exit on broadband project

One of the biggest projects to bring broadband to rural areas of Minnesota has reached a crossroads.

Schafer: Minneapolis small business owners would lose under $15 minimum wage

What's really missing from the conversation about a higher city-mandated minimum wage, one mayoral hopeful said, is a clear understanding of who it is that will be paying more.

Schafer: With Whole Foods deal, Amazon doing what it set out to do

The online retailer's ambitions should be no surprise to its competitors, including Target.

Schafer: Many in Minnesota are learning the hard way about investing in RUSNs

There’s a kind of investment available in the market called a renewable, unsecured subordinated note. When the pros talk about them it sounds like “Russians,”…