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Kim Ode has been with the Star Tribune since 1985 in a variety of jobs. She currently writes Variety features and leads the monthly Baking Central feature in Taste.

Review: 'Nomadland,' by Jessica Bruder

NONFICTION: Journalist looks at the growing number of "houseless" folks forced to move between seasonal jobs.

Making homemade apple strudel calls for some bare-knuckle baking

Apple strudel is a trifecta of desserts: It's fun to say ("struuuu-dle"), fun to eat and — trust us — fun to make.

'Witness activism' drew Minnesota couple to live outdoors in BWCA for a year

A Minnesota couple's purposeful year in the Boundary Waters is revealed in a new book.

U's Dr. Davis Logsdon is an expert on everything — too bad he's not real

A fictional University of Minnesota professor's quotes fill satirist Andy Borowitz's column in the New Yorker.

Review: 'This Blessed Earth,' by Ted Genoways

NONFICTION: A Nebraska family struggles to keep a small farm afloat.

Review: 'The History of Bees,' by Maja Lunde, is about chemistry, both agricultural and familial

FICTION: A Norwegian novel explores a dark future without bees, as well as the struggle among parents and children.

Got beets? Got zucchini? Then you have the secrets to tasty quick breads

No sneaky nutrition here. Vegetables are proud ingredients in these quick breads.

Beer Choir combines love of suds and singing: 'Zero talent is required'

In the words of the official theme song: "The Beer Choir is the choir that sings while drinking beer."

We're more distrusting than we used to be, but expert on lying says all is not lost

Amid fake news and alternative facts, it's funny how trusting we remain.

Carve wood, make potica: Minnesota's folk schools teach heritage crafts

Growing movement enables people to learn traditional skills, as well as connect with others.