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Kim Ode has been with the Star Tribune since 1985 in a variety of jobs. She currently writes Variety features and leads the monthly Baking Central feature in Taste.

Top question to Butterball experts: How to thaw a turkey? (Longer than you think)

Butterball experts suggest aiming for "imperfectly perfect" holiday feasts.

What happens if your kids don't cherish books the way you raised them to?

You can't nag someone to read for pleasure.

Disabled Anoka teen: 'I feel like nothing's in my path'

Despite her physical limitations, an Anoka teen tackles archery, cello and climbing.

Why eclectic Minnesota accompanist Dan Chouinard is 'everyone's go-to guy'

Twin Cities music man Dan Chouinard wants you to put away your ear buds and sing with him.

Twin Cities cook offers love letter to classic Swedish holiday fare in 'Jul'

Patrice Johnson celebrates our "immigrant nation" in new cookbook.

Is trick-or-treating dead? Not really, but it's been tamed

Kids are still celebrating Halloween, but in a safer — if still candy-fueled — way.

'Hamilton' biographer comes to St. Paul with another poignant portrait

"Hamilton" biographer sets his sights on another U.S. icon, but don't expect a Broadway musical.

'It'll always be Camp Snoopy': Airing it all out with #MinnesotaConfessions

Minnesotans shared a few shameful secrets on Twitter this week — and couldn't stop.

Let pumpkin shine anew in a marbled brownie

Pumpkin gets a reprieve from the spice trend when swirled into a chocolately brownie.

Minnesota's Michele Tafoya: A sports reporter in a man's world

The popular sports reporter reigns by ignoring crowd catcalls, prepping hard and staying focused on the game.