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Reporter | Environment

Josephine Marcotty writes about the environment and the relationship between people and nature for the Star Tribune, with a focus on agricultural pollution, mining, wolves and other critters, and climate change. Since arriving in Minnesota in 1979 from the Daily News in Dayton, Ohio, she's covered labor and economics, the food industry, airlines, and worked as the health and science editor. Her longest stint, ten years, was as a medical and science reporter. She's won a number of national journalism awards, including the 2009 National Headliner Award on the series "Your Choice: Health Care's New Era," the 2016 national Society of Environmental Journalists award for beat reporting, and the 2015 Online News Association first place award in explanatory reporting for the four-part series "Bees on the Brink."

State drastically tightens limits on 3M chemicals in groundwater

New limits, half the level set last year by the E.P.A., mainly affect east metro and Bemidji drinking water.

Scientists planting 400 acres of Minnesota pines to survive climate change

Scientists are identifying planting spots that will be strongholds against climate change.

PolyMet cleanup fund is millions short, state report says

Mining firm doesn't have the cash to handle long-term cleanup, report says.

Minnesota beekeepers win a round against EPA on insecticide approval

Federal judge rules agency should consider impact of new pesticides on endangered species.

Trump overhaul of EPA science panel worries U prof. who leads it

The sudden overhaul of a key advisory panel at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sends a worrisome signal that science will take a back seat to industry under the Trump administration, according to a respected University of Minnesota scientist who chairs the panel.

Irrigation law changes risking prairie wetlands get tucked into Minn. environmental bill

State GOP adds tweaks to bill that could hurt wetland.

Corroded underground fuel tank draws $80,000 fine for Minnesota trucking firm

Goodhue trucking firm tried to hide its "blatant" actions, state says.

As hog feedlots grow, neighbors ask: What about our rights?

A struggle over feedlots has spilled over into the state Legislature, where pork producers are trying to limit so-called nuisance suits brought by feedlot neighbors.

Salt levels mean Twin Cities lakes won't support fish by 2050

Twin Cities is a hot spot in a national study of lakes and road-salt runoff. It showed that salt concentrations in the Mississippi, mostly from road salt, have increased 81 percent since 1985.

Minnesota state parks, trails face major budget squeeze

Budget proposals moving through the Republican-controlled Legislature would continue what park officials say is a decadelong dilemma: Operating funds for the state's 75 parks have declined, after accounting for inflation, while the number of Minnesotans who use them continues to increase every year.