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Jon Tevlin is a Metro Columnist. He started at the Star Tribune in 1997 as a business reporter. He has been a reporter in the metro and state sections as well as Variety. Prior to working for the Star Tribune, Jon was Senior Writer for the Twin Cities Reader. He has also worked for the Rochester Post-Bulletin and the New Ulm Journal and he has written for numerous national magazines.

Tevlin: Men can play role in shifting culture of harassment

The good news this week is that Democrats and Republicans are finally on the same page about something. The bad news is that it’s sexual…

Tevlin: Barb Johnson's long Minneapolis City Council run comes to an end

For 20 years, 11 as council president, Johnson has been one of the more powerful people in the city.

Tevlin: Fatal bar fire yields new start for homeless seniors in Minneapolis

In March 2010, a fire ripped through McMahon’s Pub on East Lake Street, killing six people in the apartments above the bar. The victims included…

Tevlin: Strip clubs love football, especially the Super Bowl

Just as the Minneapolis City Council is meeting Wednesday to come up with a strategy to disrupt sex-trafficking statewide in advance of the big game, the exotic dance industry is ramping up for a bigger surge in business.

Tevlin: St. Paul's police union shamelessly attacks a mayoral candidate

The attack on Melvin Carter is a dangerous, and perhaps unprecedented, abuse of the power of the police federation for political means.

Tevlin: Untruths fan flames of fear in St. Cloud

"It's extremely embarrassing to be in the news for this," said Natalie Ringsmuth, director of #UniteCloud, a nonprofit that seeks to ease racial, religious and cultural tensions in St. Cloud.

Tevlin: Deported Worthington father was a victim of political optics

  Jacobo Gabriel-Tomas is no bad hombre. He is beloved by his family, his church, his employer and what he considers his hometown of Worthington,…

Tevlin: In making a play for Amazon, would we be selling our souls?

Across the Twin Cities, from Arden Hills to Shakopee, city planners are huddling with developers and Mad Men to put together the biggest "welcome basket'' the state has ever seen.

Tevlin: Minn. pharmacist who faced addiction demons now helps teens

Some might see him as an atypical example of America's opioid crisis, but Sean Higgins will tell you his story is very common.

Tevlin: Police/community relations can't be fixed overnight

After St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop, Gov. Mark Dayton created the Council on Law Enforcement and Community…