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Jon Tevlin is a Metro Columnist. He started at the Star Tribune in 1997 as a business reporter. He has been a reporter in the metro and state sections as well as Variety. Prior to working for the Star Tribune, Jon was Senior Writer for the Twin Cities Reader. He has also worked for the Rochester Post-Bulletin and the New Ulm Journal and he has written for numerous national magazines.

Tevlin: Reopening State Fair diner is family's rite of August

Lee and Bev Bahr have turned management of the Lunch Box over to the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids, but on Tuesday were still there before first light.

Tevlin: North Side's Tooties is almost back from brink

The basement fire started by a burglar has closed the neighborhood joint for 40 days and counting.

Tevlin: Two kids were able to play with toy guns and not get killed

This is now the world in which we live.

Tevlin: Being the good guy won't be enough for Arradondo as potential chief

Praise for Arradondo at last week's hearing was one of the few genuinely hopeful moments in the recent history of relations between police and the public, but it's a tenuous one.

Tevlin: A night of fun in Richfield ended in gunfire and tears for a young man slain

The shooting death of Jonathan O'Shaughnessy has left his family reeling and asking for anyone who knows what happened to step forward.

Tevlin: Dean Phillips taking his campaign for Congress to the people

Phillips knows it's an uphill battle against Rep. Erik Paulsen, but he's been there before.

Tevlin: A proud Eagle Scout from Minnesota turns in his badge after Trump's speech

"It didn't matter what the speaker said, I identified it as an enormous failure of leadership by the adults who were there," said John Rowell of Moorhead.

Tevlin: Minneapolis shop owner's mother fearless in standing up to armed robber

It happened at the ColorWheel Gallery, a combination hair salon and gallery in south Minneapolis where local artists sell their wares and neighbors often gather for folk music.

Tevlin: Police chief's absence spelled the end

Janee Harteau certainly doesn't own all the crises that have tarnished the police force the past few years, but political expediency made her departure inevitable.

Tevlin: Where Justine Damond died, cameras roll too late

We are international news, again, for all the wrong reasons.