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Jon Tevlin is a Metro Columnist. He started at the Star Tribune in 1997 as a business reporter. He has been a reporter in the metro and state sections as well as Variety. Prior to working for the Star Tribune, Jon was Senior Writer for the Twin Cities Reader. He has also worked for the Rochester Post-Bulletin and the New Ulm Journal and he has written for numerous national magazines.

Tevlin: At Minneapolis' Ramsey Middle School, students study, then change history

Thanks to their yearlong campaign, the Minneapolis school board will vote June 13 on whether to keep Ramsey or rename it Justice Alan Page Middle School.

Tevlin: Years later, Tom Petters scam still haunts halls of the Capitol

A measure buried in a state budget bill would limit the funds that cheated investors could recover from charities and religious organizations.

Tevlin: Fraud at Minneapolis agency hurt 'the poorest of the poor'

Authorities say former Community Action of Minneapolis CEO William Davis stole more than $800,000 from CAM's coffers and spent it on luxuries, trips and five girlfriends.

Tevlin: After reversing fortunes, Minn. prep football team faces uncertain future

The coach who rebuilt the Staples-Motley Cardinals after a five-year losing streak did not have his contract renewed. After the school board vote, the superintendent and five other football coaches said they were resigning.

Tevlin: Dear Reps. Paulsen, Emmer and Lewis, spare us the crowing over your 'health' bill

With America in a health care crisis, the solution shouldn't be winning the lottery.

Tevlin: Mayor Hodges has had a mind-boggling month

April is the cruelest month. You don't have to trust T.S. Eliot on that, just look to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges. To be fair, March didn't end so swell either.

Tevlin: With a bike lane scuffle, spring begins in earnest in Minneapolis

A group of Lyn-Lake business owners is angry with the city's plan to add protected bike lanes to two popular east-west corridors.

Tevlin: Lisa Goodman has proved she's a nice hue of blue

  On a gorgeous Saturday morning, Lisa Goodman sat alone on a grassy hillside in Bryn Mawr, collecting her thoughts. She was about to go…

Tevlin: Neurosurgeon and her teen patient are put to a marathon test

  When the 15-year-old ninth-grader first met Dr. Uzma Samadani, her back pain was so severe she couldn’t participate in gym class at Richfield High…

Tevlin: Local LGBT cases being affected by regression on civil rights

When Jakob Rumble filed suit for what he saw as discriminatory treatment during a hospital visit in 2015, the tide was turning in favor of…