John Rash | Star Tribune
Editorial writer and columnist

John Rash is an editorial writer and columnist. His Rash Report column analyzes media and politics, and his focus on foreign policy has taken him on international reporting trips to China, Japan, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lithuania, Kuwait and Canada.. 

Rash's commentary can be heard on WCCO-AM on Friday mornings at 8:10 a.m. and on Wednesdays on "Playing Politics," a podcast from the Editorial Board. He lives in St. Louis Park with his wife, two children and a dog.

Rash Report: 40 years on, Iran's Islamic Revolution still roils

A juxtaposition of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and an Iran-focused Mideast security conference in Warsaw.

Rash Report: Can Klobuchar connect with voters' 'true north?'

Minnesota senator's expected presidential bid comes amid a polarized, turbulent political environment.

Rash Report: Those who 'shall not grow old' should be remembered

A new documentary from director Peter Jackson uses old footage and voices to renew interest in the sacrifices of soldiers who fought, and won, the "Great War."

Rash Report: World's woes won't wait for Western paralysis

Political stalemates in Washington, London and elsewhere reflect a crisis in governance at a time of rising global challenges.

Rash Report: 'A world with fewer rules' is among top global risks

Foreign-policy experts cite the erosion of international institutions and the global order itself.

Rash Report: Journalists cover, and are central to, Senate's Saudi rebuke

Jamal Khashoggi's murder spurs Senate to condemn the crown prince and end U.S. military aid for the war in Yemen.

Rash Report: 'Roma' is human, and humane, counternarrative

New film by acclaimed Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón reflects an alternative cultural, commercial approach.

Best of British advertising amid worst of Brexit times

"Arrows Awards" reel, which begins its annual Walker Art Center run, may better reflect British society.

Rash Report: 'Front Runner' Gary Hart stumbled at new era's starting line

New movie recalls the 1988 sex scandal that engulfed the favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

Rash Report: Bob Woodward on Watergate's, and today's, political-media eras

President Trump, the journalist said, might be best remembered for his 'policy casino.'