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Editorial writer and columnist

John is an editorial writer and columnist. His weekly Rash Report column analyzes media news and trends. His focus on foreign policy as an editorial writer has taken him on reporting trips to China, Japan, Turkey, Rwanda, Kuwait and Kazakhstan. John was the recipient of a 2014 Society of Professional Journalists Page One Award for editorial writing. John's commentary can be heard Fridays at 8:20 a.m. as well as weekly on "Playing Politics," a podcast from the Editorial Board and WCCO-AM (830), the CBS radio affiliate in the Twin Cities. Prior to joining the Editorial Board, John was a senior vice president, director of media analysis for Campbell Mithun, a Minneapolis-based national advertising agency. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, and has been an adjunct faculty member at the U's School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He lives in St. Louis Park with his wife and two children.

Rash Report: Primary shows Minnesota is a microcosm of broader U.S. trends

Geographic, generational and gender trends, not to mention ideological divides, are apparent in state races.

Rash Report: A Russian (and at times, Soviet) news narrative

Controversy over Trump-Putin summit, attacks on the press and a Republican rebuke of policy "commissars."

Rash Report: Trump's disruption of international order comes with peril

The president is accelerating the waning of a system that's advanced U.S. interests.

Rash Report: Mexican election comes amid frayed North American ties

But relationships between Americans, Mexicans and Canadians transcend politics.

Rash Report: The migration issue is global, and growing

History Center's "Somalis + Minnesota" shows how immigration enriches.

Malian 'Spiderman' becomes real-life French superhero

Remarkable rescue shows the power of viral video and reflects the potency of immigration issue in Europe.

'Amazing' state needs governance to match it

Enduring political paralysis risks marring Minnesota's brand.

Rash Report: Will the U.S. and China get ensnared in 'Thucydides's Trap'?

In a provocative book, Harvard scholar Graham Allison examines if the two countries are "Destined for War."

Rash Report: 'In the Intense Now' of political protest, in 1968 and today

Walker Art Center's "Legacy of '68" film series sparks comparisons to current world turbulence.

Rash Report: Kabul carnage a reminder of an oft-forgotten conflict

Afghan citizens, multinational forces and an international press corps are under relentless siege from violent extremists.