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John Rash is an editorial writer and columnist. His Rash Report column analyzes media and politics, and his focus on foreign policy has taken him on international reporting trips to China, Japan, Rwanda, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Lithuania, Kuwait and Canada.. 

Rash's commentary can be heard on WCCO-AM on Friday mornings at 8:10 a.m. and on Wednesdays on "Playing Politics," a podcast from the Editorial Board. He lives in St. Louis Park with his wife, two children and a dog.

Rash Report: 'Afghanistan Papers' show the power of the press

Washington Post's publication of "A Secret History of the War" exposes lies spanning 18 years across three presidential administrations.

Rash Report: Competing visions for British voters, and viewers

Arrows Awards, which honor the best of British advertising, reflect the U.K.'s cultural and political split.

Rash Report: Rediscover the resolve that felled the Berlin Wall

Enduring Western unity and purpose toppled the wall and won the Cold War. It's needed again to meet today's transatlantic challenges.

Rash Report: A deep State Department, not a 'deep state'

Belying characterizations, the character of top envoys and officers has been apparent during the impeachment inquiry.

Rash Report: The world fails to save Syria's citizens

U.S. betrayal of Kurdish allies is just the latest sad chapter in this tragedy, as searing Syrian documentary, "For Sama," shows.

Rash Report: A film about Roy Cohn, but also about Donald Trump

New documentary 'Where's My Roy Cohn?' shows the notorious attorney's considerable influence on the future U.S. president.

The enduring impact of Anne Frank's diary

Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss, Anne's stepsister, will speak at the U's Northrop Auditorium on Oct. 27.

Rash Report: Election leaves Israel hanging in the balance (again)

Coalition talks will tackle a political split, but long-term questions await answers.

Rash Report: 'Official Secrets' and the open issue of the Iraq war

Katharine Gun and Martin Bright discuss a new movie that examines how the run-up to the war ran roughshod over the truth.

Rash Report: 'Cool War,' warming planet are key to geopolitics

Two experts envision Sino-American relations and the climate crisis as profound present and future foreign-policy dynamics.