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Reporter | Medical technology

Joe Carlson writes about medical technology and the Minnesota companies that design and sell healthcare devices. A Twin Cities native, he most recently covered the business of healthcare for Modern Healthcare magazine in Chicago.

Medtronic testing defibrillator that uses wires outside the heart, veins

Devices can reset heart rhythms without using wires in the heart.

Federal appeals court tosses out $1.4B tax ruling favorable to Medtronic

IRS officials say the company has shifted income on paper to lower its tax bill.

Scrutiny continues as Medtronic acknowledges cybersecurity issues with its medical devices

Critics say company has been slow to act on medical devices' cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

BioSig gets approval for U.S. sales of surgery device

The device, to be made by St. Paul-based Minnetronix, gives doctors a clearer view of how a heart surgery is going.

Takeda is banking on a SuperTarget-sized biologic plant in Brooklyn Park

Takeda hopes to begin making its Entyvio drug for bowel diseases at its Brooklyn Park plant next year

At seminar, Medtronic employees told cybersecurity is a 'team sport'

Hackers a persistent threat to patient safety, demanding vigilance.

In bid for diabetes market, Medtronic, among others, talking money

Focus is on long-term value, cost of pumps and monitors.

Boston Scientific beats Q2 earnings expectations

Company maintained its financial guidance for year.

Medtronic agrees to pay $43M to settle investor lawsuit

The device maker denies the allegations made against Infuse product.

Boston Scientific to pay up to $270M to acquire Claret Medical

California firm makes device that aims to reduce post-operation strokes.