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Jim Souhan is a sports columnist for the Star Tribune. He has worked at the paper since 1990, previously covering the Twins and Vikings.

Souhan was Sports Editor of his high school paper at Vianney in St. Louis. He wrote and edited for the Missourian at the University of Missouri, where he earned a journalism degree with an emphasis on American literature.

Souhan: For Mauer, contract became an unjust burden

His inability to produce at a $184 million level in his later seasons drew much criticism from fans.

Souhan: Love for 'special guy' Big Papi transcends borders

Former Twins player David Ortiz went on to enormous success with the Red Sox. Sunday night in Santo Domingo he was shot in the back and remembering happier times is not difficult for current players.

Souhan: Why did a Hall of Fame prep basketball coach walk away from her sport?

That Faith Johnson Patterson isn't coaching is an indictment of high school sports and society. "I think things have changed drastically in terms of parent involvement," she said.

Souhan: Want to support Whalen? Buy a ticket to women's sports

In the Twin Cities sports market, the average male fan spends more time complaining about his favorite team than recognizing Minnesota as a bastion of women's sports success.

Souhan: Twins' early success proves you can't please every fan

The Twins' success this season is not pleasing everyone in the fan base - nor will it.

Souhan: Warren a good choice to take on hypocrisy of college sports

Kevin Warren accomplished all that he could with the Vikings as their chief operating officer. Now he's off the lead the Big Ten, which should not be his destination job.

Souhan: Heath criticizes defense when offense was problem in loss

The crowd was loud, the sun was shining and the play was intense, and all that wound up mattering was that Minnesota United didn't take advantage of scoring chances.

Souhan: It's like 2006 all over again with these Twins

For the last 104 games of the season, the 2006 Twins played better than any Twins team since the 1991 World Series champion, and the 2019 Twins are playing just as well.

Souhan: Twins to look at need for even more protection from foul balls

Twins officials said that Target Field uses more netting than is required by Major League Baseball, and that they will reevaluate the need for more fan protection.

Souhan: Cancer survivor Smeltzer calm but says 'it's hard to keep it together'

Rookie pitcher Devin Smeltzer looked composed right up until he met his wife, Brianne, outside the Twins clubhouse after the game. That's when the tears started.