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Souhan: Cowardly NFL goes backward with anthem decision

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his known associates are hiding their greed and cowardice behind faux patriotism.

Souhan: Fenton seeks elusive formula of roster moves, puck luck

New Wild GM Paul Fenton is going to have to be creative and probably ruthless in remaking the roster of a team that has advanced to the conference finals just once.

Souhan: Coach Whalen reminds us she remains an outstanding player

She protected the ball, led a Lynx comeback and showed her feisty side when she drew a technical foul during a shoving match.

Souhan: Mauer's latest DL stint could be troubling

This could be a 10-day injury that fades from memory, or it could be the beginning of a poorly written ending for the grown-up kid from St. Paul.

Souhan: Unselfish Lynx stars make it easy for team to attract talent

The Lynx are the most successful WNBA franchise this decade, but in basketball, winning teams aren't always the most attractive to incoming players.

Souhan: Despite flaws, these Twins have a rare ace in the hole

The Twins face a rare dilemma in a few weeks when Ervin Santana is back healthy: Go with a six-man rotation or eject a quality arm from the rotation.

Souhan: Analytics crunch numbers but give personalities short shrift

You want to win a championship? You'd better have the right kinds and combinations of people on your team.

Souhan: Choices by Wolves, Gophers could make or break teams

Sharing some thoughts on Tom Thibodeau, Lindsay Whalen and the prospect that has shined the most among the Twins' position players.

Souhan: Twins have best starting rotation since Santana, Liriano days

The rise of Jose Berrios and Fernando Romero, combined with the acquisitions of Jake Odorizzi and Lance Lynn and a resurgence of Kyle Gibson, gives the Twins their best starting staff since 2006

Souhan: Loons showcase what can be for sport, franchise as both grow

Bill McGuire, the owner of Minnesota United, didn't become a soccer fan until about four years ago. Now he's all-in.