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Souhan: Freshman Curry becomes newest big man on campus

During the Gophers' 83-78 overtime victory over Michigan, Curry, the freshman from Memphis, borrowed Reggie Lynch's job and ran with it.

Souhan: Wolves feel King James' presence in loss

There remain athletes who can awe regardless of familiarity and LeBron James is one of them. In person he looks more powerful than he appears on any screen.

Souhan: Koivu's inspired play is no joking matter for Wild

As earnest an athlete as you'll meet, Mikko Koivu isn't the kind of guy who's going to make you slap your knee but this season he has earned pats on the back.

Souhan: Twins offer constant reminder that things could be worse

As the least-anticipated Twins spring training in decades begins, let's count our blessings.

Souhan: Boudreau's brilliance with Wild channels two Twin Cities greats

Boudreau has helped the Wild rise to the top of the Western Conference by blending the philosophies and habits of two of the most skilled coaches and managers in Twin Cities history, former Twins manager Tom Kelly and former Wild coach Jacques Lemaire.

Souhan: Minneapolis can't let itself get swallowed up by the Super Bowl

The game and the spectacle surrounding the Super Bowl has grown like an internet startup since Minnesota last hosted the big game. Minneapolis has to prove that the Super Bowl isn't too big for it to handle.

Souhan: By allowing Brady to hang around, Falcons found wrong side of history

No Falcons seemed angry on Sunday night. They murmured, packed and quickly left. It turns out the wrong side of history is a large and quiet room.

Patriots get rich on inexpensive talent tailor-made for their system

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are trying to win a fifth Super Bowl in 16 years. Nobody has won that many or contended for titles for so long, and it is bottom feeding that has allowed the Patriots to stay on top.

Souhan: Neutral observers have Super Bowl choice: naughty or nice

Super Bowl fans, you pick: The "Rise Up" Falcons or the locked-down Patriots.

Souhan: One play changed careers in Patriots' last Super Bowl

In Super Bowl XLIX, little known Malcolm Butler made the interception at the goal line that gave the Patriots a 28-24 victory over Seattle