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Souham was Sports Editor of his high school paper at Vianney in St. Louis. He wrote and edited for the Missourian at the University of Missouri, where he earned a journalism degree with an emphasis on American literature.

Souhan: After lopsided loss, time is now for Annexstad to showcase poise

Freshman QB Zack Annexstad is leading a Gophers team that raised expectations in the first three games, and Saturday was blown out by Maryland.

Souhan: The time to judge P.J. Fleck begins now

The Gophers coach excels at connecting with talented teenagers. Whether he's a good Big Ten coach is yet to be determined, but the determining can fairly start Saturday when his young team opens conference play.

Souhan: Wolves, Jimmy Butler have reached the tipping point

NBA stars carry all the power, so the Wolves need to carefully explore all their difficult options.

Souhan: In Cousins, Vikings have QB who could match Rodgers' efforts

In a rivalry defined for 25 years by the Green Bay Packers' stability at the most important position, Kirk Cousins went into Lambeau Field on Sunday and threw for 425 yards and four touchdowns.

Souhan: Heroics can be painful but QBs live for the moment

NFL quarterbacks prove that football's toughest players are often those who receive, rather than deliver, punishment.

Souhan: Packers have a lot to lose if Rodgers plays Sunday

Here's how it should go down Sunday at Lambeau Field: If the Packers wonder whether Aaron Rodgers is healthy enough to play in Week 2, he's not healthy enough to play in Week 2.

Souhan: Veeck follows Saints from afar this championship series

With the team's founder away because of Hurricane Florence, the Saints earned a shutout to even up their series with Kansas City.

Souhan: Cousins' head-first dive was crazy, but won the locker room

New Vikings QB Kirk Cousins put his team above health with a fourth-quarter dive on third down, and fellow football players respect nothing more.

Grade the Vikings: How did the team do on offense, defense, special teams and coaching?

Use our weekly poll to grade the Vikings' performance against the 49ers.

Souhan: Vikings OC DeFilippo has a certain swagger

John DeFilippo is eager to prove himself, and follow the path cut by Brian Billick and Pat Shurmur.