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Jim Souhan is a sports columnist for the Star Tribune. He has worked at the paper since 1990, previously covering the Twins and Vikings.

Souhan was Sports Editor of his high school paper at Vianney in St. Louis. He wrote and edited for the Missourian at the University of Missouri, where he earned a journalism degree with an emphasis on American literature.

Souhan: Vikings should avoid blunder of using narrow-defined offense

Viking coach Mike Zimmer needs to guard against imposing a philosophy on his offense instead of finding ways for his best players to thrive.

Souhan: Thrilling win over Houston offers glimpse into Wolves future

What happened Wednesday night at Target Center was a small sample size. It was also a lot of fun, and might have important implications.

Souhan: Hey, Twins: Make a statement and sign Harper, Kimbrel

Free agents Bryce Harper and Craig Kimbrel are there for the taking. So why not bring them to Minnesota?

Souhan: U's Bell can fill stat sheet, much like her coach once did

Rookie coach Lindsay Whalen has taught her oldest and best player to bring some swagger to the court, inspiring a four-game winning streak and a run of impressive performances from the senior guard.

Souhan: Feats of Vonn, Moore might never be matched

At the end of a week that included National Girls and Women in Sports Day, let's recognize the importance of Lindsey Vonn and Maya Moore.

Souhan: Worse ordeals could be ahead for Wolves

If you thought the days of David Kahn and Kurt Rambis were bad … well, you were right. They were bad. But this is a different predicament.

Souhan: Belichick, Patriots are not about culture, just ruthlessness

The Rams had better players on Sunday, and the Patriots made those superior talents look inept and confused.

Souhan: Remember Edelman's college debut? That 44-0 loss? To the Gophers

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman continued building a postseason résumé that most Hall of Famers would envy after a college career that didn't exactly start well.

Souhan: Deep down, we should all have admiration for Tom Brady

Tom Brady is easy to hate, but here's why sports fans should embrace what he's accomplished.

Former Vikings quarterback Wade Wilson dies at 60

An eighth-round pick, Wade Wilson went on to play in an NFC Championship Game and a Pro Bowl