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Souhan: Zimmer will help Vikings, and himself, by ditching workaholic culture

What's most important for Mike Zimmer and the Vikings is for him to make it through the 2017 season with good health and a healthy attitude. He's had eight surgeries on his right eye.

Souhan: From prospect to pitcher, Berrios making the successful leap

Young Twins starter Jose Berrios has quality stuff and multiple pitches. And he has learned to dominate each level of the game once he becomes comfortable.

Souhan: Twins improved without solving many of their problems

Statisticians might say the rise to first place is illusory and temporary, and they're probably right. But the view from the clubhouse is different.

Souhan: Fowles' play in Lynx opener impresses all but her coach

One of the hallmarks of the Lynx during a decade of excellence has been a mind-set best described as optimistic realism. So coach Cheryl Reeve didn't spend her postgame news conference praising Fowles; instead she pushed the buttons of a player who will be crucial to her team this season.

Souhan: Wolves coach Thibodeau facing a long fix-it list

With the NBA draft lottery set for Tuesday night, Tom Thibodeau's tenure in Minnesota is not in trouble but his reputation is in need of bolstering.

Souhan: With Cook and Floyd, Vikings again calculate risk, reward

Despite spectacular exceptions, the Vikings have generally fared well when making these sorts of ventures.

Souhan: Minnesota rugby's 'first family' helping Hopkins girls soar

Olympian Katie Johnson has helped coach Hopkins to the national high school club championships.

Santana vs. Sale: The duel becomes a dud

The expected pitchers' duel between Ervin Santana and Chris Sale didn't quite materialize as both starters were just slightly off their games.

Souhan: Best use of Santana for Twins is to keep him

Unless another team offers a young ace, the Twins should be happy to keep Santana, and other teams are very unlikely to offer a young ace.

Souhan: Fewer pitchers could solve baseball's pace of play problem

Here's an idea: Legislate an 11-man pitching staff. You'll see fewer mid-inning interruptions, more rallies, more intriguing late-game pinch-hitting and an endgame that will be worth staying awake to see.