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Jessica Alba gives makeovers in Edina

Imagine walking into Target and suddenly bumping into Jessica Alba. And then she offers to give you a makeover. That’s what happened on Tuesday, when the Hollywood A-lister surprised a bunch of Target shoppers with makeovers at the Edina store.

The Honest Co. founder was in town to promote the launch of her new Honest Beauty brand, which is sold at Target.

Ruth Carda stopped into Target after dropping her kids off at school when she found herself in Alba’s hands. Alba posted photos of the scene herself on Facebook.

“Do you do fishing? Is that, like, one of the activities you do?” Alba asked Carda, who is originally from North Dakota. Carda laughed and put Alba in her place by telling her that she doesn’t fish.

A guy on Alba’s team then chimed in and said, “I need to learn how to say Minnesooooota. I’m jealous of that.”

Aimee Blanchette