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Reporter | Watchdog and data team

Jennifer Bjorhus is an investigative reporter at the Star Tribune who has covered a range of topics over the years for major metro newspapers, including the Seattle Times and San Jose Mercury News. For much of her, career Bjorhus was a business reporter. Recently, she has focused on criminal justice issues such as police use of force and responses to sexual assault.  

Bjorhus lives in St. Paul with her husband, Ranjit, and has two sons and a cat.

A victim heard, justice served

Many sexual assault reports in Minnesota are poorly investigated. Most don't result in charges or convictions. This one was different.

New plan might alter how Minn. colleges handle sex misconduct

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she aimed new proposed rules to better balance the rights of alleged victims and the due process rights of the accused.

Rape, alcohol, consent under review by Minn. sex assault task force

The attorney general's work group plans to have recommendations ready for the 2019 Legislature.

Minnesota police leaders report progress on reforms in sexual assault investigation

Recommendations include statewide model policy, specialized training.

Minnesota rape cases: Rejected by the prosecution

In Minnesota, half of sex assault cases police send to prosecutors never result in charges. Prosecutors reject cases that include DNA evidence, witnesses, and sometimes even confessions, records show.

Police undertrained and overwhelmed by rape cases in Minnesota

Inadequate training for police who investigate sexual assaults, along with poor staffing and high turnover, plagues many police departments across the state – resulting in fewer charges against suspected offenders.

Minnesota police board promises steps to improve sex assault investigations

POST Board will prepare officer training standards and a model policy for sex assault investigations.

How alcohol foils rape investigations

Police are less likely to interview witnesses, assign cases to a detective or forward them to a prosecutor if the victim was drinking, according to a Star Tribune analysis. When cases involving alcohol do reach prosecutors, suspects are much less likely to be charged with a crime or convicted.

Freeman pledges to strengthen sex assault investigations

The Hennepin County attorney said he was surprised at how many cases seem to go nowhere.

State police licensing board plans response to failings in Minnesota's rape investigations

Licensing agency chief plans actions to improve statewide accountability.