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Sign of the times: Minnesota marathoners rank better with age

In a state-by-state breakdown of how marathoners rank, Minnesotans steadily move up the list as we age.

Minneapolis' effervescent Barbara Carlson shares her cautionary riches-to-rags tale

Politician and gadfly Barbara Carlson once lived a life as large as her personality. Now she's trying to keep other women from going broke like she did.

Director Christopher Nolan turns defeat at 'Dunkirk' into a cinematic triumph

REVIEW: This ferocious depiction of the World War II beachfront battle will awe some viewers and alienate others — for the same basic reasons.

Why the average American runner 'has never been slower'

Except for elites, data show steady increase in race times across board over 20 years.

REVIEW: 'Camino Island,' by John Grisham

FICTION: Fitzgerald manuscripts disappear in John Grisham's latest mystery — which is really all about writing.

Are we on the brink of a bacon shortage? Depends on whom you ask

There's a bacon crisis looming on the horizon, the USDA warned. The country's bacon reserves are at the lowest point they've been since December 1957.

Review: 'Snowblind,' by Ragnar Jonasson

FICTION: This murder mystery set in a small Icelandic town takes a page from "Murder on the Orient Express."

Oscars so inclusive: This year's list sets a record for nominees of color

While "La La Land" emerged as a big favorite, diversity is on the dance card, too, with seven of the 20 acting nominees being people of color.

Minnesota volunteer and his 'DQ buddy' share a sweet bond

The Care Providers of Minnesota volunteer of the year has formed a special bond with a resident at the Good Samaritan Society in Robbinsdale.

At 92, St. Anthony woman fulfills 'dream' of driving a semi

Six months past cancer surgery and nine days shy of her 92nd birthday, Louise Spencer pushed her walker up to the door of the 18-wheeler. She was crossing an item off her bucket list — driving a semi.