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Jeff Strickler is the Assistant Features Editor. He has served as a general-assignment features reporter, covered the religion beat and served as movie critic.

A Minnesotan's guide to watching the royal wedding

A list of odds and sods to make it appear that you know your onions.

Stephen King's new mystery is a bait and switch

FICTION: "The Outsider" is sort of two books in one. Either one alone would have been more satisfying.

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Stories by and about women stake their claim to Academy Award nominations.

Bae, sweetie, darling: How gushy pet names help strengthen relationships

The language of love is gooey, but those cutesy names can help you stick together.

Facing death, Barbara Carlson is living it up

After learning she has terminal cancer, she threw herself a going-away party while still healthy enough to enjoy it.

After 40 years, Minnesota's weather man Mark Seeley still not coming in from cold

Since 1978, the U's go-to guy has weathered the climatological storm.

Massive toy store in tiny Minnesota town beckons nostalgia seekers from around the state

LARK Toys in Kellogg, Minn., offers thousands of nostalgic toys in a Santa's workshop setting.

Sign of the times: Minnesota marathoners rank better with age

In a state-by-state breakdown of how marathoners rank, Minnesotans steadily move up the list as we age.

Minneapolis' effervescent Barbara Carlson shares her cautionary riches-to-rags tale

Politician and gadfly Barbara Carlson once lived a life as large as her personality. Now she's trying to keep other women from going broke like she did.

Director Christopher Nolan turns defeat at 'Dunkirk' into a cinematic triumph

REVIEW: This ferocious depiction of the World War II beachfront battle will awe some viewers and alienate others — for the same basic reasons.