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When you're dreaming of Tater Tot stuffing, you know it's November

How Minnesotan is this?

Word of the week: Selfiegenic

Are you picture-perfect?

The famed Little Wagon was a Mpls. bar so popular it survived a teardown

Step back in time to see a famous Minneapolis street corner that looks nothing like today.

Is an emoji worth a thousand words?

Emojis are poor substitutes for words, but they are fast becoming our visual vocabulary.

Lileks: Some simple, easy, useless tips for winterizing

Flurries were forecast the other day, and we all had the same question: Will they accumulate? We can take a few flakes, but when they…

Review: 'Monograph,' by Chris Ware

NONFICTION: Cartoonist Chris Ware's "Monograph" is a collection of works without parallel in modern storytelling and graphic design.

Lileks: Let's belt out some Thanksgiving tunes

It's time to get in the mood for turkey.

Word of the week: The hard sell

Do you have tradigital skills?

Downtown Mpls. malls fail; here's why the Dayton's project might succeed

Minneapolis has a checkered history with shopping arcades. Will the new Dayton's be any different?

Lileks: Here's a big batch of nonsense about the flu

It’s cold-and-flu season, so here are some answers to questions everyone has. Q: How do I avoid getting the flu? A: Get a…