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James Lileks writes a Variety column.

Lileks: In case you've forgotten about popcorn, a brief primer

It is not unusual for someone to send free popcorn to a newspaper office. If they've got some new flavor — gin and salt! Chlorophyll…

Lileks: Vikes fans need to be on their 'A' game

Ritual and routine are the keys to victory!

The word of the week: Shelp

Shelp yourself to a nap

We asked how Twin Cities can gussy up for Super Bowl: You didn't disappoint

Readers offer their practical and fanciful suggestions on how to gussy up the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl.

Lileks: Diet Coke's new flavors are fully contemporized, bro

Diet Coke has announced its new flavors. They are: Frog Sweat Zesty Plasma Virginia Ham Perverted Guava Well, no. The actual names are Ginger Lime,…

Lileks: On a scale of 1 to 10, how passive-aggressive are you?

Surveys allow Minnesotans to say what they really (sort of) think.

Word of the week: bleisure

Business meets leisure. Or is it the other way around?

Lileks: Raw water fad might make cholera great again

We got an Instant Pot for Christmas, since everyone has to have an Instant Pot. What is it? Why, it's a slow cooker.

Wanted: Some super ideas to make Minneapolis a better Super Bowl city

Do you have any thoughts to help us impress the world?

Lileks: For roadside rescue in bitter cold, just enter your password

Your memory is tested when the car dies on a freeway.