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Lileks: So the propane hose is hissing? I'll just light it anyway

Our brains don’t work well in hot weather. According to a new study, we’re sharper when it’s cold, possibly because the brain thinks: “Where are…

Lileks: Is that a new Minnesota driver's license or a fishing permit?

New licenses aren't Real ID, but they do have a walleye.

Lileks: You can check in anytime you want, but you can never log out

Marriott hotels has announced that it will use facial recognition to check in guests in some Chinese hotels. It'll happen here, eventually. As much as…

How a corner gas station can make a Twin Cities neighborhood vibrant

Corner gas stations can invite visitors to linger, and hopefully enjoy an urban neighborhood.

Lileks: What it was like to ride a scooter in downtown Minneapolis

Electric scooters look fun, fancy-free and speedy. Are they fun? Yes. Useful? Well. ...

Lileks: Camp is for snipes, slivers and sunburn

There were dozens of sleeping bags, soft and bulging like caterpillar pupae. There was a neat line of tiny suitcases — pink, with ponies; black,…

Minneapolis once had a chance to be the Paris of the Plains

If the city had adopted a 1917 plan, it would have looked like the City of Light, with diagonal boulevards and roundabouts.

National Portrait Gallery is one of Washington, D.C.'s best.

The National Portrait Gallery's unsung collection includes outsider art, presidential portraits and other gems.

Lileks: In the war against mosquitoes, we always lose

Nothing ever works. They've got us outnumbered. We are here to be eaten.

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