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Lileks: Scenes from the Ken Burns doc on 35W reconstruction

  Scenes from Ken Burns’ next epic documentary, “Homeward Bound: An account of Road Construction in Minneapolis.” (Bittersweet fiddle music. Voice-over actor reads a letter.)…

How to fix ugly suburban intersections in the Twin Cities

By adapting modern design trends, an intersection near Southdale gets a much needed update.

Lileks: It's Father's Day, and the St. Paul raccoon is so grounded

Don't make me come up there, kids.

Lileks: $97 to Paris, or, lies the internet tells us

Taking a flight can be full of misery and anxiety; why shouldn't the experience of booking one be, too?

New CEO of Minn. Historical Society looks to the future: 'We're in the experience business'

Maximizing inclusion and experience is at the top of Kent Whitworth's to-do list.

Lileks: Should we feel a twinge of guilt when we wipe out the ants?

Sorry, ants, you blew it by moving into this yard.

Lileks: You'll never forget when the bus is due

Daughter will be graduated from high school this week, and I cannot tell you how conflicted I am about this. Some say "will be graduating"…

Lileks: Think last weekend was hot? Try sweating through the 1934 'drouth'

Reading the papers, you realize how much things have changed for the better.

Lileks: Why June bugs are nature's most annoying insects

The other night, I sat outside with a nice cool beverage and started to yell at my wife. Nothing bad; we just live under the…

Audiobooks for your pup could be the new dog whisperer

Audiobooks for dogs are either the next best thing for Fido or downright silly.