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How to — and how not to — update old buildings in downtown Minneapolis

Our take on three redesigned spaces in downtown Minneapolis.

Lileks: When it comes to the Super Bowl weekend, St. Paul has given up

No Ice Palace in St. Paul? We can fix that. For cheap. There’s a simple solution at the end of this column. If no one…

Lileks: No one cares about your lousy commute

It's like they scheduled all these projects at once, right? You can't get anywhere.

Throwback: Gladstone Garden, 1930s Minneapolis

These elegant swells are enjoying a tipple at “Upper Nicollet’s Oldest Cafe,” as the inside of the matchbook says. “Known far and wide as the…

Lileks: Is it rude to remind people to obey law?

No good deed goes unflipped.

Why are some new Twin Cities apartment building names so pretentious?

Yes, the names of new apartment buildings are pretentious. But they've always been so.

Lileks: He has an incurable case of puppy love

There were three cages at the Humane Society in the overflow dog area. I was drawn to one strange little beast, a breed I'd never…

Lileks: Chew on these suggestions for new apples

This is no time to fall behind in apple innovation.

Fall in Minnesota is a sad story, but it's so beautifully written

It's the same bittersweet story every year. And we love it, even though we know the plot.

Lileks: The miserable life of a cereal mascot

Unless you've been hanging on the news 24/7, you may have missed this one: General Mills has agreed to scrap the muted colors of Trix…