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James Lileks writes a Variety column.

Lileks: New Yorkers used to be better at this snobbery thing

We eat Juicy Lucys? Oh, snap.

Lileks: the meaning of life? The last line on the eye chart

IF YOU CAN READ THIS, the bumper sticker said, YOU'RE TOO CLOSE. Or perhaps it was: IF YOE CAN FEEB THIS YOU'RE LOO CLOZ3. I…

Irish pubs helped revolutionize the look of Twin Cities bars

Irish pubs played a part in making bars less secretive and warmer, welcoming and connected.

Lileks: Let's all rant about potholes together

We fix bad asphalt with more asphalt that goes bad.

Lileks: No need to panic over digital assistants – much

Alexa, please don't hurt me.

Lileks: Here's how to punish that toxic 'Bachelor'

The cad dared to hurt a model Minnesotan. It's time to get passive-aggressive.

The word of the week: Recognore

Do I know you?

Lileks: In Minnesota, gas comes to you!

According to this fine newspaper, there's a new company in town that will bring gas to your house and fill up your car. While I…

Lileks: How could Minnesota have lost 'best state' award to Iowa?

We know that Iowa can't hold a candle to us.

Word of the week: Dadgitated

Father knows best? Ha!