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James Lileks is a Star Tribune columnist. 

Lileks, a Minneapolis resident since 1976: "I've never repeated myself once. I don't like to say I write a 'humor' column, since that's subjective. What might be amusing to me might leave you poker-faced. Let's just say my columns are not intended to be taken seriously." He also writes "Streetscape" pieces, which detail the delights and errors, past and present, of the Twin Cities urban environment. He's the author of four novels, four pop-culture "humor" books on vintage subjects and two collections of columns. "People who like my stuff will probably like lileks.com, and those who don't are probably grateful for the heads-up, and will avoid it," Lileks says.

Lileks: Please let the boomers' music die

When we complain about Christmas music, it’s not the songs themselves. It’s the way they’re forced upon us. Also, it’s the songs themselves. Consider a…

Lileks: Baby, it's cold outside, and that's how it should be

Everyone copies us at the holidays.

Word of the week: Holifrazzle

The season to be frazzled

Lileks: What do you want for Christmas? There's an algorithm for that

In the ever-changing world of retail, catalogs are fading while online shopping is taking over. That's why I'm going to the mall.

Minnesota Moment: St. Paul and Minneapolis joined by electric streetcar

The first electric streetcar was so popular that the city vowed to forgo horses and cables and go electric. A little more than a year later, the first interurban electric line, down University Avenue, opened.

James Lileks: There's a remote chance we've lost control of technology

Would you like a modern tale of woe and self-inflicted stupidity?Consider the Smart Thermostat. I have one, and it always lights up when I enter…

Lileks: Have you finished your Christmas cards yet? Why not?

It's important to remember that nothing we are stressing about will matter or be remembered next year — or even by Super Bowl Sunday.

Minnesota Moment: The wrong state flower

A group "empowered to elect for Minnesota a state flower" picked the wild lady slipper.

The word of the week: Mervert

It sounds a little fishy.

Lileks: Proof that your Alexa-Echo thing records you

The Amazon voice-activated device is called an Echo, but everyone calls it Alexa. That’s who’s inside. Those of us who own one don’t think there’s…