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James Lileks is a Star Tribune columnist. 

Lileks, a Minneapolis resident since 1976: "I've never repeated myself once. I don't like to say I write a 'humor' column, since that's subjective. What might be amusing to me might leave you poker-faced. Let's just say my columns are not intended to be taken seriously." He also writes "Streetscape" pieces, which detail the delights and errors, past and present, of the Twin Cities urban environment. He's the author of four novels, four pop-culture "humor" books on vintage subjects and two collections of columns. "People who like my stuff will probably like, and those who don't are probably grateful for the heads-up, and will avoid it," Lileks says.

Lileks: The joys of boiler repair

"Tic-tic-tic-tic." "Phoomph." "Gosh!"That is what you want to hear when it's 10 below. The gosh, however could be a problem.The tic-tic-tic is the furnace's igniter.…

Lileks: There are rules for snow emergencies — but can you remember them?

It snowed? How's that an emergency? The word implies some sort of unanticipated disaster. Snow is what it does here in the winter.

Lileks: New purchase fails to spark joy

Last week, Gallup released a poll that said that 90% of Americans describe themselves as "happy." I'll bet they all have Instant Pots. Those are…

Lileks: The airport needs a laughing gas kiosk

Do we really need to start drinking at 5 a.m.?

Lileks: How Minnesotans cope with the sunless midwinter mope

The skies have been cloudy all day — and most of the month.

Furbo dispenses remote-control treats, love and confusion to your pet

A new dog camera allows you to keep your pet close — and in kibbles — even when you're far away.

LILEKS: The future of grocery store checkouts – awful or awesome?

The self-checkout at the grocery store was not happy with me. Not happy at all. The robot voice sternly announced, “Unexpected item in bagging area.”…

The word of the week: Slowmentum

Slow and easy and proud of it.

Lileks: How to troubleshoot the inexplicable

Have you heard of Disney+?It's a new streaming service that lets you watch, for a monthly fee, the movies you saw in theater, then bought…

Lileks: How many gloves have you lost?

Maybe they ran off with the missing socks.