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James Lileks writes a Variety column.

Then and now: Arthur Murray danced where Northstar building now stands

Vintage photos from 1960 show a downtown street corner totally transformed.

Lileks: All your eclipse questions answered, uselessly

It's the big Eclipse Day, and no doubt you have some questions that no one else has answered to your satisfaction. I'll do my best.Q:…

Lileks: Downtown Improvement worker really improved his day

A lost dog and lost keys have provided some interesting interactions with public officials.

LILEKS: How a loose dog makes you wonder about bank cameras

It was a hardy-har bright story for your morning news: I-94 shut down! There's a dog on the highway! They had footage of the dog…

Lileks: He lost his dog, but found a kind soul

A stranger appears at the edge of the Mississippi.

LILEKS: How video doorbells help us make nicer lies

Because I’m always eager to fill up the yawning void of existential dread with a new gadget, I got one of those video doorbells. The…

Lileks: The glorious nocturnal noise of summer

A symphony of sound sets the season apart.

James Lileks: Don't get hung up on bashing smartphones

The picture was ordinary, stark and depressing: A subway car, packed with passengers, and everyone's head was bent down, staring at the objects in their…

Lileks: How to cram a month of Minnesota summer into a day

Don't abandon all your summertime clichés yet.

Lileks: The key to happiness? Not losing your keys

Last Saturday I stood in a store looking at a thin white plastic square that sings a song when you press a button on your…