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James Eli Shiffer covers government secrecy and public records, and writes the Full Disclosure column. He has worked as a team leader and reporter at the Star Tribune since 2005, focusing on investigations and the digital transformation of news. Before that, he spent 12 years at The News & Observer in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina. He's a board member of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information. He's also the author of "The King of Skid Row," a 2016 book from the University of Minnesota Press about a vanished community in Minneapolis.

Trump White House confounds, confuses transparency advocates

Data purges and secrecy confounding transparency advocates.

University of Minnesota's hunt for leaker was a $74K red herring

In May, the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota learned that another high-ranking athletic department employee had been placed on leave for misconduct. This was supposed to stay secret.

Two men sentenced for violating Minnesota's revenge-porn law

Michael Weigel and William Eldridge both had the same idea on how to inflict emotional pain on women in their lives. They created fake Facebook…

Once-secret CIA records reveal gift of ancient stone jar

Earlier this year, a researcher at Concordia University in St. Paul was combing through declassified CIA records and discovered an intriguing stone legacy of the…

A trip to Duluth proves City Hall isn't sinking under data requests

So back in July, when the Duluth city staff presented the idea of charging $35 an hour for any data request that takes more than 15 minutes, I decided to ask: How big a burden are these?

The fuzzy line between dissent and disruption, even for courts

Anyone doubting the power of protest should study the shutdown of the Minneapolis Board of Education meeting on Jan. 12. The board was poised to…

Former police chief's hush clause stymies a needed public debate

There's something so Minnesotan about the idea of nondisparagement.

Search for father's birth parents runs into bureaucratic tangle

What's the public interest in hiding a court record created 108 years ago?

Hotel room bust of high-end prostitute leads to $20,000 windfall for Minn. police

Adrienne Chapa was arrested and spent a few days in jail before she went home to Las Vegas. Her bag of $24,425 in cash was here to stay.

How Minnesota law prevents many adoptees from learning about their roots

Despite a nationwide movement to open up access to adoption records, Minnesota's laws place the privacy of birth parents ahead of the desire of adoptees to know their origins.