A screen grab from the video for David Bowie's new song "Where Are We Now?," which appeared overnight.


“Still don’t know what I was waiting for,” David Bowie famously mutters at the start of “Changes,” and as of this morning a lot of his fans are indeed wondering why he waited so long to put out new music. The British rock legend posted an elegant new song, “Where Are We Now,” without any warning today -- which just so happens to be his 66th birthday. The track appeared overnight on his website and is already all over the web. It's also available for download from iTunes. Turns out, the tune is the first off a new album that Bowie has quietly been working on -- which just so happens to be his first new record in 10 years.

Produced by longtime cohort Tony Visconti, the new song certainly suggests this will be an album worth waiting for. It starts out slow and dour and builds into a dramatic, U2-ish climax, with the man who sold the world showing off an uncommon sentimental edge. It’s no “Suffragette City,” but unlike the new Rolling Stones song “Doom and Gloom,” it sounds more his age. Here’s the video for the song below, featuring a second video backdrop with footage from Berlin, a city with which Bowie has long had an affiliation.