Harvey Mackay | Star Tribune
Columnist | Outswimming the Sharks

Mackay: Volunteering presents opportunities to shine

Not only can you make a difference, but sharing your strengths has a built-in benefit for you.

Mackay: Asking the right questions

Sometimes the answers you receive are determined by what and how you ask.

Mackay: Encouragement can be a truly powerful thing

A teacher asked her students if any of them had extra pencils they would be willing to share with their classmates. One student reluctantly raised…

Mackay: The power of kindness is sorely underrated

A teacher asked her young pupils to tell about their acts of kindness to animals. After several heart-stirring stories, the teacher asked one boy if…

Mackay: Others' mistakes can be the best lessons of all

With a new influx of college graduates hitting the job market, I thought it would be a good time to share some advice. I started…

Communication really means to listen closely

A new young worker at a construction site sat down to eat his lunch with the rest of the crew. As an older fellow opened…

Mackay: Time is treasure. Here's how to manage it

And getting organized is a start.

Mackay: Always try to give yourself an even break

We all try to do our best, at least most of the time. And when we don't succeed, often we are our own harshest critics.But…

Mackay: Welcome, Generation Z

America's youngest generation is nearly 70 million strong and will soon outnumber its millennial predecessors.

Mackay: Let go of old grudges

We are living in a time when being offended is in fashion.