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Covington grew up in a small town in central Illinois and can talk crops or college basketball with the best of them. In a former life, she used the Oxford comma and graduated from the University of Tulsa with a master's degree in English literature. She's always on the lookout for small stories with big heart.

Judge denies Ellison's petition to keep divorce file sealed and redact 'sensitive' information

The file is expected to be made public Wednesday.

U fellowship honors civil rights leader

A community room at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs will also soon bear Josie Robinson Johnson's name.

Minnesota safeguards aim to keep unsafe limos, drivers off the road

State-issued decals show which for-hire limos have been registered with MnDOT and passed an annual safety inspection.

Anoka County looks for relief from longest metro commute

County and city leaders say their commuting woes are at long last being taken seriously.

New sports dome plan at National Sports Center draws city pushback over height

Height of inflatable dome, which would be largest in North America, in dispute.

Nowthen landowners strike a deal with city over annexation fight

Landowners on the edge of Nowthen had petition to join city of Oak Grove.

Mpls. exhibit turns The Commons park into refugee experience

Doctors Without Borders exhibit aims to raise awareness of growing crisis.

Brooklyn Park voters to decide on $26 million in park upgrades

If voters approve, money would fund park upgrades, teen center, other projects.

In Columbia Heights, work begins to spruce up Central Avenue storefronts

The facade grant program could expand next year.

Spike in pedestrian deaths along Hwy. 47, Hwy. 65 spurs state action

Local and state officials say a recent spike in fatalities is spurring them to take a closer look at safety along Anoka County sections of University and Central avenues NE.