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Graydon Royce has been in love with theater ever since he portrayed Crusher, Mad Dog Vachon and Wally Karbo to frenzied applause in the 6th grade talent show at Hilltop Elementary School. He is a freelance arts critic for the Star Tribune.

Quest for identity drives 'Refugia,' getting its world premiere at Guthrie

REVIEW: Premiere by Moving Company is a nearly three-hour patchwork with much to say.

'Little Wars' at Mixed Blood imagines salon at Gertrude Stein's

REVIEW: A new company for women launches with a wobbly, self-important drama.

Park Square play asks a big question: Can we build a better human?

REVIEW: A new play mixes technology into relationships in a time-traveling swirl.

Mixed Blood's 'Vietgone' is a funny, profane take on the Vietnamese experience

REVIEW: Qui Nguyen offers a Vietnamese take on a lost war.

'Lone Star Spirits' stirs up Texas-sized emotions (and laughs) at Jungle Theater

REVIEW: A daughter's visit to a small-town juke joint stirs the plot and memories that will make you laugh and cry in seconds.

Controversy turns into applause for $55M Orchestra Hall revamp

Once a target for criticism, Orchestra Hall's expansion has proved to be a success, both economically and artistically.

Female veterans, not actors, tell riveting tales of the battlefront at Guthrie

Veterans featured in "She Went to War" testify to the dramatic power of real lives.

Review: Theater Latté Da's 'Six Degrees of Separation'

Best known for musicals, Theater Latté Da stretches out in a highly theatrical drama.

Review: Fairy tale meets film noir in Open Eye's deliciously raw 'Red Shoes'

THEATER REVIEW: A take on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale is raw and inscrutable — and delightful fun.

Jungle's 'Anna in the Tropics' is a warm breeze that leaves us cold

REVIEW: "Anna in the Tropics" is a lovely piece of literature, but on stage it rarely comes to life.