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Joanie Sprague, the newest member of TLC’s “Trading Spaces” revival, shares advice.

Reupholster or slip cover?

Q: Is it worth reupholstering a sofa if it’s a good-quality design and still in good shape? What about slipcovers?

A: If it’s a super-good-quality frame and you love the design, I say go for it. This could be a great weekend project. Make sure you get quality fabric and materials, and either rent or buy a powered staple gun to do the upholstering.

Chair spots

Q: What’s the best product for spot-cleaning an upholstered chair?

A: I have ruined things by using the wrong products. First, what is the stain on your chair? If it’s oil, make sure you use a two-step process: Use a damp cloth with very little detergent and then a dry cloth to press it just after (dab, not scrub).

Deck cleaning

Q: What’s the best way to clean a moldy deck?

A: Use a power washer, with steam, if you can get one. Otherwise, a regular power washer is fine. You can add vinegar or some agent to the water, too. When it’s cleaned off and dry (and make sure it’s bone-dry), re-treat the deck. Make sure your gutters don’t spill onto the deck. Sweep it weekly, getting the debris out of the cracks as best you can. Keep greenery and plants away from the deck if possible.