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If your weekend entertainment wishlist includes an imaginative, movement-based play in which sailors seek adventure on the high seas, you’re going to have to make some decisions:

18th century? That would be Transatlantic Love Affair’s company-created “The Privateer”.

19th century? Check out Theater Coup d’Etat’s “Moby Dick” at Fallout Arts Initiative.

Fans of 20th century shipboard drama are out of luck – “Finding Neverland” closed last weekend - but you have one more weekend to catch one of the Twin Cities’ most exciting performers, Dame-Jasmine Hughes, in the romantic drama, “Wedding Band,” at Penumbra Theater.

Speaking of people who know how to wrap a room around their little fingers, Regina-Marie Williams is back in Chanhassen’s “Sister Act.”

And the duo of Dennis Spears and Ginger Commodore is joining musician/arranger/maestro Sanford Moore for “A Concert for Peace,” at Crooners Lounge in Fridley. It’s an evening of songs about peace and, right now, who doesn’t need that?