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This doesn’t matter at all, except in that it seems consistent with all the other speculation and vague reports floating around this week:

ESPN asked five NFL Insiders to rank the likelihood of where Kirk Cousins will sign, giving them four options: Vikings, Jets, Cardinals or Broncos.

All five had the Vikings No. 1 on their list.

The case was made for Cousins-to-the-Vikings for many of the same reasons we talked about on Tuesday’s Access Vikings podcast. The Vikings can afford him. They are built to win in at least the short-term and medium-term. And Cousins values winning.

ESPN also noted a tax break Cousins could receive here:

Another factor: the reciprocity tax, which means workers in Minnesota who are Michigan residents can pay their income tax to Michigan. Cousins owns a home in Michigan, which means instead of paying an income tax of 9.85 percent to Minnesota he’d be on the hook for only 4.25 percent.

Anyway, just more chatter to soak in. Next week can’t get here soon enough.