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Minnesota modesty doesn’t seem to extend to our state’s wrestlers, including Edina-raised Ric Flair, who ruled the canvas between Verne Gagne and Jesse Ventura. Despite recent health scares, the retired superstar still oozes bravado in “Nature Boy,” a bittersweet new “30 For 30” documentary that reveals both Flair’s showmanship and loneliness.

Some of his statements defy logic – 15 drinks a day throughout his career! Bedding 10,000 women! – but there’s no denying that his quest to be in the spotlight cost him on the home front.

Gagne fanatics will eat up Flair’s tales of his mentor’s stern training techniques and younger wrestling fans may be stunned to hear Hulk Hogan bow down to his elder.

Still, you can’t help wonder if it was all worth it, especially when director Rory Karpf (“I Hate Christian Laettner”) shows a past-his-prime Flair climbing back in the ring for one more shot of love.

“Nature Boy” airs at 9 p.m. central Tuesday on ESPN