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More bad than good

Some numbers that show both sides of sophomore QB Demry Croft’s season:

Good croft


Touchdown passes in the fourth quarter against Michigan State on Oct. 14, when he almost led a Gophers comeback in their 30-27 loss.

Bad croft


Ranking in the Big Ten in QB rating (among QBs with 50-plus passing attempts). Croft’s 95.4 rating is behind several backup QBs in the league. He ranks one spot lower, 20th, in completion percentage, at 42.5 percent.

4 Interceptions, in 88 passing attempts. Only two Big Ten QBs who have thrown four or more INTs have fewer than 100 attempts (Illinois’ Chayce Crouch is the other).

-5 Rushing yards, on 24 attempts, in the Gophers’ past two games. His running threat has diminished after four games of 30 or more rushing yards earlier in the season.