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Assistant commentary editor | Opinion

David is involved in various aspects of production of the opinion pages, including the selection of letters to the editor and commentaries. Born in St. Paul, he grew up in Prior Lake and Kasson, Minn., before attending college at what is now Minnesota State University, Mankato. He previously worked at the Mankato Free Press, Austin Daily Herald and St. Cloud Times. He's been at the Star Tribune since 1994.

Who's up for some delayed year-end rumination?

It's a year-end list. It's just been delayed.

Immigration policy: Every arrival begins a legacy

We talk a lot about contributions. They don't have to be spectacular to be constructive and meaningful.

In a complicated, difficult world, unity is uneasy

Justice and tolerance really do involve many sides.

A reasonable reaction to an unreasonable action

In the arc of understanding that follows a tragedy like this, don't be distracted by easy explanations.

As a principal, this man was a remarkable teacher

With wisdom and fortitude, Garry Purvis turned a generation of kids into better people.

The Trump presidency: Remember — in this country, the wand still chooses the wizard

There should be no hesitation in checking President Trump's autocratic tendencies.

United Airlines incident: Law and order inside a jam-packed metal tube

Just because rules can apply, should they, always? And is this, by chance, like eminent domain?

How to survive (even thrive) in the Age of Trump

Get out of your seat and off the sidelines. Politics is a rowdy participation sport.

New White House security structures may be inevitable, but must they be ugly?

Maybe it could be made to look like it was meant to be.

Adoption: Choosing to search is a complex decision — some prefer to take it slow

The law and culture don't favor adoptees who may be curious but reticent to go all in.