Curt Brown | Star Tribune
Reporter | Minnesota History

Minneapolis murders in 1990s targeted gays

Six months of heightened fear and friction between cops and the gay community followed.

Passion for the past shines in Hopkins and Waverly

They lead the way with upcoming nostalgic celebrations.

The remarkable life of Ed Rogers, Ojibwe and Cass County leader

Growing up, Greg Larson knew little about his grandfather Ed Rogers’ vast accomplishments. How could he? “He hardly ever talked,” Larson, 72, recalled from his…

Rare-stamp auction recalls Calvin Coolidge event in Minnesota

Two 100-stamp sheets of Coolidge-signed 2-cent and 5-cent stamps will be auctioned off Tuesday.

Vigilante injustice killed 3 in Duluth nearly 100 years ago

It was an appalling prelude of things to come 25 years later and 150 miles to the north. Early on June 2, 1895, a 15-year-old…

Vera Johansen's popcorn wagon became a Northfield landmark

The rat-a-tat sound of popcorn popping punctuated the farm kitchen of Lewis and Vera Johansen near Coulter, Iowa."Dad loved his popcorn," said Jeanine Landswerk, 82,…

Civil War's veteran's letters show paradox

More than 150 of Thomas Montgomery's dispatches have been digitized on the Minnesota Historical Society's website.

Minneapolis doughboy kept diary, poems during WWI

Joseph Brown juggled two jobs in the early-1900s: undertaker and furniture salesman. A licensed embalmer, Brown studied mortuary science at the University of Minnesota —…

Robbinsdale toy innovator Herb Schaper gave the world Cooties

"It's pretty simple," Schaper said in 1953. "Everybody who sees it asks 'Why didn't I think of that?' "

Rose Totino brought pizza to masses: 'Money never changed her'

A 4-foot-11 dynamo, Rose learned about pizza from her dad's relatives in Pennsylvania and started serving it to friends and at church meetings.