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Connie Nelson is the editor in charge of the lifestyles coverage for the Variety section.

The cutest rescue dogs in Minneapolis pose for pictures in hopes of getting adopted

A Minneapolis photographer takes glamour shots of rescue dogs to help them get adopted.

Famous 'Curly Girl' hairstylist now urging women to embrace their gray

With her new book, a longtime stylist hopes to free women from the tyranny of coloring gray hair.

Beauty secrets and shortcuts of an artfully composed garden in St. Paul

A mishap inspired a St. Paul woman to create — and refine — her artfully composed garden.

Intense Minneapolis workout helps you build strength – by keeping you off balance

A full-body workout, developed in Minnesota, uses unstable platforms to build strength.

Lake of the Isles jogger is waging running battle against trash

Tom Cousins is at Lake of the Isles almost every morning and almost every day of the year.

Readers say when it comes to book length, 'less is more'

Many long books are fine, of course, but folks don't like books that just go on and on.

Fall chores are part of living in Minnesota – do them now

A little bit of extra yard work this autumn will pay off in the spring.

Are you tired of reading 500-page-plus 'epic' novels?

Even if the stories and the writing can't support the length, bigger has somehow become better.

20 things you didn't know about Minnesota's famous Honeycrisp apples

Not only is the Honeycrisp apple celebrating 20 years of good taste, but the Minnesota-made favorite also is reminding us that it's thoroughly rooted in the North Star State.

Hate to work out? Eden Prairie gym has the workout for you

A new ungym-like gym delivers an effective workout for everyone — except gym rats.