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Reporter | Social Services

Chris Serres covers social services for the Star Tribune. He writes about issues affecting society's most vulnerable populations, including the poor, elderly, mentally ill and people with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is married and has two children, Dominic, 12, and Emmanuelle, 10. He has been a newspaper reporter for 20 years.

Growing Mpls. homeless camp raises public health alarms

The camp dwellers say they feel safer watching over each other in a large group than living scattered on the streets; they are determined to remain despite repeated attempts by the state to clear them out.

Minnesota clears giant backlog of elder abuse complaints

State reviewed and closed more than 3,000 unresolved cases alleging maltreatment in senior facilities.

Under Trump plan, Minnesota immigrants might avoid benefits

A legal immigrant could be denied a temporary visa or permanent residency through a green card if they use Medicaid, food stamps, low-income tax credits and other state and federal social service programs, local officials warn.

2nd neglect death blamed on Mpls. care provider; dementia client found in snowbank

This is the second death in 8 months tied to neglect at the assisted-living residence.

Former Minnesota health official sues agency, claiming retaliation

Nancy Omondi says she was fired three days after she filed a formal complaint alleging a pattern of harassment.

Mpls. father charged with torturing daughters had history of abuse

Prosecutors say Jerry Lee Curry's family history points to a "pattern of abuse" toward female relatives.

New children's psychiatric treatment center opens in Duluth

With a greenhouse and soccer fields, it is the first of three youth treatment centers designed to fill a critical gap in Minnesota's mental health system.

Missing World Cup? 5 great books about 'beautiful game' of soccer

NONFICTION: If you're having World Cup withdrawal, here are a few books.

Temporary legal status extended for hundreds of Somalis

The Department of Homeland Security cites ongoing dangers, saving 500 from deportation risk.

Feds set to rule by Thursday on special status for 250 Somalis

The decision could upend the lives of the Somali immigrants, with a majority of those affected in Minnesota.