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Reporter | Social Services

Chris Serres covers social services for the Star Tribune. He writes about issues affecting society's most vulnerable populations, including the poor, elderly, mentally ill and people with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is married and has two children, Dominic, 12, and Emmanuelle, 10. He has been a newspaper reporter for 20 years.

Top Minnesota regulator fired, triggering calls for better senior abuse scrutiny

Whistleblower reprisal alleged at Health Dept.'s elder abuse division.

Girl sexually assaulted while on unsupervised leave from treatment facility

Treatment center failed to monitor her contact with an adult.

Mpls. home for American Indian women with addiction to close after 44 years

Highly valued in Minneapolis' American Indian community, but faced financial problems.

Minnesotans can now text "911" instead of calling to summon help

Designed for people with hearing and speaking disabilities — or when silence makes a difference.

Bemidji man helps fuel lacrosse revival with traditional sticks

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" says the woodworker, holding up a freshly carved stick. "I'm peeling back history with every draw of that knife."

Families of elder abuse victims speak out, wield new power at Capitol

In recent weeks this coalition, known as Elder Voice Family Advocates, has emerged from obscurity to play a central role in early efforts by the administration of Gov. Mark Dayton to reform Minnesota's troubled system for responding to violent crimes and other forms of abuse in senior homes.

Gov. Dayton calls for new elder-abuse work group

He'll appoint AARP officials to lead reform efforts ahead of 2018 Legislature.

Klobuchar: More must be done to stop abuse in senior homes

The federal agency that regulates nursing homes must take more aggressive steps to prevent and respond to violent crimes and other forms of abuse in senior care facilities, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Tuesday. In her letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, she cited a five-day, Star Tribune special report.

Male aide gets 1-year sentence in sexual assault of 78-year-old Minnesota woman

Advocates say the case highlights deeper problems with the often-secretive response to elder crimes.

Emily Program to narrow eating disorder treatments, drop roughly 250 patients

The eating disorder clinic will focus on patients with severe and dangerous eating disorders.