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Chris Hine is the Star Tribune's first analytics and enterprise reporter. He'll stand at the intersection of stats and humans and tell the compelling stories he finds there.

An ongoing battle: Mauer has seen evolution of shifting in his career

To stay true to his hitting style, Joe Mauer has to combat not just pitchers who throw harder than ever, but computers spitting out information that makes defensive positioning more sophisticated.

Jack Morris' Hall of Fame election defies traditional numbers

North Score: With Jack Morris, Hall of Fame voters found a different perspective into his career beyond statistics.

Baseball fans turning gray while millennials tuning out

Second in a three-part series: Baseball's summer monopoly ended long ago. If it expects to thrive, it must keep courting youth and convincing them the sport is great entertainment.

Two views: Rays bullpen days will likely be copied by other teams

Chris Hine and Michael Rand weigh in on the week's hot sports topics.

Twins broadcasters ponder how much analytics is too much

How much of this information do you present about the modern changes to the game at the risk of confusing or alienating the audience?

From WAR to launch angle, we explain baseball analytics

Here's the reasons behind some of the newer baseball statistics.

Would Twins benefit by trading Eduardo Escobar?

Michael Rand and Chris Hine weigh in on the week's hot sports topics. This week: If the Twins are looking to sell, their hot-hitting switch hitter might be the one that can bring in the biggest return.

'Going through the ball.' Data details Escobar's dramatic rise

North Score: Eduardo Escobar is hitting the ball harder than he has at any point in his career. Here's how we know that.

Does MLB need to do something about all the defensive shifts?

Michael Rand and Chris Hine weigh in on the week's hot sports topics.

'An important signal': Vikings host first LGBTQ summit by an NFL team

The Vikings organized the summit in part to fulfill a settlement reached with former punter Chris Kluwe, an outspoken LGBTQ ally, after an assistant coach used homophobic language.