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Chris Hine is the Star Tribune's first analytics and enterprise reporter. He'll stand at the intersection of stats and humans and tell the compelling stories he finds there.

Does Jimmy Butler's 'shoot-the-ball' mentality help the Wolves?

North Score: Butler is third in the league in clutch points, but his shooting percentage dips in those moments, too. Karl-Anthony Towns, meanwhile, rarely shoots in clutch moments.

Will a faster ballgame attract more fans? Attendance figures say otherwise

North Score: We've seen strong attendance for seasons with slower games, and poor attendance during seasons with faster games. Takeaway: Don't expect small tweaks to the rules to impact attendance.

NHL's mystery: Why are power plays more effective this season?

North Score: After pausing to ponder the question, Wild winger Zach Parise was dumbfounded, as was coach Bruce Boudreau.

Two views: Trading is the Twins' best bet, and Archer is a great target

Star Tribune sports staff Michael Rand and Chris Hine take a stab at assessing the Twins' search for starting pitching help.

Did Pederson's reliance on analytics wear off on DeFilippo?

North Score: Many lauded Doug Pederson for his play calling and willingness to take risks on fourth downs on the Eagles' path to winning Super Bowl LII. Will John DeFilippo bring that to the Vikings?

Two views: No trades is the right move for young Timberwolves

Michael Rand and Chris Hine weigh in on this week's hot Minnesota sports topic.

Will the Twins be no better than perfectly average this season?

North Score: The Twins will be a .500 team this season. That's if you put your faith into an algorithm developed by Baseball Prospectus that predicts each team's record.

Wolves big weakness: Road games with no rest

North Score: Having a day off between games makes a world of difference for the Wolves as they battle for positioning in the Western Conference standings.

Timberwolves catching Cavaliers in a horrible slump

But Wolves take a poor road record and defensive issues into Cleveland.

NFL record for total yards falls in Super Bowl

North Score: The teams came in with noteworthy defenses but combined for 1,151 yards in a wire-to-wire shootout.