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Theater critic Chris Hewitt previously worked at the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, where he covered movies and then theater. Also, he occasionally gets to write book reviews.

Armed with a degree in the lucrative field of history, Chris has written for publications that vary from a small-town newspaper to a city magazine to national sites. He's probably reading a good book right this minute.

Disney remade 'The Lion King' – and they shouldn't have

Pointless remake reminds us that 1994's "Lion King" is an unimprovable gem.

Three Minnesota stars join forces for a world premiere theatrical comedy

Somebody asked somebody to write a comedy. It opens this weekend at the Jungle.

Kumail Nanjiani enlivens otherwise so-so comedy about ride sharing, 'Stuber'

The Uber-set comedy succeeds when it lets Kumail Nanjiani rip.

Review: 'Midsommar' is so scary you might walk out mid-movie

Horror film is a "Midsommar" nightmare that will either creep you out or drive you out.

Board finds Guthrie Theater engaged in 'unfair labor practices' against former employee

Ex-employee said her evaluations were downgraded after she complained about work conditions.

As drive-ins disappear, young people flock to Lake Elmo's Vali-Hi

The drive-in theater has changed a lot, especially if it's been a while since you drove in.

Based on Duluth murders, 'Glensheen' musical returns to St. Paul for record-breaking run

History Theatre's musical, based on the Duluth murders, has become a fan fave.

Do you finish every book you begin?

Do you continue reading books you don't like? Or do you abandon them to find something better?

Newest Spider-Man movie, 'Far From Home,' takes a romantic comedy turn

Review: The new "Spider-Man" works best when it feels like a modern romantic comedy.

Guthrie produces can't-miss classic musical, 'Guys and Dolls.' It doesn't miss.

Guthrie production finds all the best stuff in the classic musical, and a few new things, to boot.