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Armed with a degree in the lucrative field of history, Chris has written for publications that vary from a small-town newspaper to a city magazine to national sites. He's probably reading a good book right this minute.

She worked with Spike Lee and Bill T. Jones and now she's a Guthrie staffer

The Guthrie Theater has hired a former Spike Lee and Bill T. Jones collaborator as its new director of professional training.Maija García, the Cuban-American…

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Review: 'Fashion Climbing: A Memoir With Photographs,' by Bill Cunningham

NONFICTION: In a recently found memoir, Bill Cunningham reveals a lot about the millinery world, but little about himself.

Guthrie Theater's retiring 'Prop God' has made everything from sofas to a Rolls-Royce

Guthrie props maker Linus Vlatkovich is putting away his tools after 46 years of crafting desks, sofas and Rolls-Royces.

Review: 'A Key to Treehouse Living,' by Elliot Reed

FICTION: This assured, elliptical debut novel describes the life of an unwanted child who learned to raise himself.

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You don't need 23andMe to explore the roots of the musical opening here Wednesday. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda laid it all out for us.

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