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Chris Hewitt has been writing about arts in the Twin Cities for 26 years. A native of Illinois, he moved to Minnesota for the weather, the theater and the Mary Tyler Moore house.

Minnesota State Capitol is the star attraction of a new play

Minnesota's statehouse is the star attraction of a new play.But will all the attention give the building a big dome?

More Twin Cities fans and performers are coming to the cabaret

The thriving Twin Cities cabaret scene offers a cozy alternative for music lovers.

Walker performance festival celebrates 30 years

The target keeps moving as the Walker Art Center's annual January performance series is still "Out There."

Women are lifting the curtain on harassment at Minn. theaters

Twin Cities theaters are addressing their conduct policies as more artists say "me too."

Sally Wingert psyched to play psychic in 'Blithe Spirit' at the Guthrie

Actor Sally Wingert returns to "Blithe Spirit" at the Guthrie with a bit of otherworldly experience.

Rock musical 'Hatchet Lady' portrays a woman who put real muscle behind her convictions

A new rock musical portrays anti-booze crusader Carrie Nation.

'Phantom' challenge: How do you get the crowd to empathize with a creep?

That's the task for the two actors playing "Phantom of the Opera" at the Orpheum.

Brave New Workshop steers course for holiday truisms in 'Polarizing Express'

Brave New Workshop show mixes some bright moments with sketches that feel regifted.

Dogged performers find a home at Jungle Theater in Minneapolis

Pets on stage? At this Minneapolis theater, the trend may have (four) legs.

Female actors get comfortable in the director's chair at Twin Cities theaters

More female actors are taking control in front of the footlights.