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Chip Scoggins is a sports columnist and feature writer.

Scoggins: All-Star or not, Rosario rewards Twins' faith in him

The fact that he is in the All-Star discussion at all is a testament to Eddie Rosario's maturation, and also the team's accept­ance of his risk-reward exuberance as a player.

Scoggins: Superteams stifle suspense but are good for basketball

NBA ratings continue to be robust, even as critics bash the league's lack of suspense, because stars are attractive and the game is being played at the highest level.

Scoggins: Iconic radio voices are disappearing but not forgotten

Radio play-by-play announcers carried that status with fans of a certain age. Those men brought games to life through their words before the explosion of cable TV.

Scoggins: Young Twins' struggles leave organization at a crossroads

Those who gazed into the Twins future and saw up-and-coming stars have received another blunt reminder that baseball development cannot be scripted or predicted with ironclad certainty.

Scoggins: NCAA got it right when it relaxed rules on redshirts, transfers

These are significant changes that are long overdue and will provide more freedom and benefits to athletes.

Scoggins: That viral hug. 'The game isn't as important as our friendship'

Wins and losses matter, but true acts of sportsmanship define participants. A moment this genuine should be required viewing for all athletes.

Scoggins: Ohtani's DL trip a jarring blow to Japanese media

The regular Japanese contingent covering Shohei Ohtani is 50 to 60 working home games. About half that number travels to road games and was at Target Field for this week's injury news.

Scoggins: Two for the price of one is a doubleheader done right

The Twins and Chicago White Sox played a rare traditional doubleheader at Target Field. One ticket, two games, a 45-minute break in between.

Scoggins: Gophers meet every challenge in season marked by many

The Gophers haven't advanced this far in a baseball season in more than 40 years. They'll be underdogs this weekend at Oregon State, but they won't be intimidated.

Scoggins: Offense can't go back to sleep for Twins to succeed

It's a small sample size, but a 7-1 win over Cleveland marked the fifth time in six games that the Twins have scored at least seven runs.