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Scoggins: Is Croft playing his way into being U's quarterback of the future?

Demry Croft's performance against Nebraska — albeit against a fragile defense that displayed little resistance — grabbed your attention because it revealed more of his talent and potential.

Scoggins: A Vikings QB soap opera? Players can handle the drama

The Vikings seem unfazed by this current delicate situation. That's a sign of their maturity and also a rare cohesiveness.

Scoggins: Given opportunity to succeed, Croft runs with it

Gophers quarterback Demry Croft on Saturday carved up the Cornhuskers with a performance that displayed his growth as a starter and a new dimension for the offense.

Scoggins: Relaxed and ready, Pitino embraces 'thinking big' confidence

The Gophers begin this season ranked No. 15 after emerging as one of college basketball's biggest surprises a year ago. The encore brings a new narrative and increasing.expectations.

Scoggins: There's no reason for Vikings to give Keenum a quick hook

If adversity hits and Case Keenum regresses, Plan B -- as in Bridgewater -- is an exciting option. Maybe even a better option.

Scoggins: Michigan runs downstream for entire game vs. U

The Gophers defense did an atrocious job tackling against the Wolverines, leading to an ugly result in Ann Arbor.

Scoggins: Iowa's 'Wave' to children's hospital – our best sport has new best tradition

To see that remarkable act of kindness on television stirs emotions. To experience it live, with those kids in plain view, brings an overwhelming sense of joy and sadness at the same time.

Scoggins: Croft, passing game gave Gophers no chance

Demry Croft's final stat line was a blight: 9-for-29 for 139 yards with one interception thrown in the end zone. Nearly half of his yards came on a 63-yard catch by Tyler Johnson late in the fourth quarter.

Scoggins: Teague looking like right man at the right time for Wolves

Teague played the type of game Sunday envisioned when the Wolves signed him to a three-year, $57 million contract this offseason to replace Ricky Rubio at point guard.

Scoggins: With unselfish stars, defense is suffocating opponents

Their defense is cohesive, stingy, physically intimidating and a bunch of other superlatives that point directly to cumulative talent.