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Chip Scoggins is a sports columnist and enterprise writer for the Star Tribune. He previously covered the Vikings, Gophers football, Wild, Wolves and high school sports in nearly 19 years at the paper.

Scoggins was born in Missouri but moved to Tennessee when he was only a few months old and lived there until he was 20. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree. He worked at newspapers in Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Chicago before joining the Star Tribune in 2000.

True colors: A changed Austin unites around its school's red-and-white

The schools have more minority students enrolled than white students, with 48 languages spoken in its classrooms. Through the changes, two colors have united the town: The red and white of the Austin Packers.

Scoggins: Big changes are coming even if Wild didn't deal at trade deadline

Wild general manager Bill Guerin was unable to swing any deals before the NHL trade deadline, but he's already made his intentions clear through his actions. Time to tear it down.

Scoggins: Gophers looked like team without a clue about how to win

The Gophers failed to execute in a doomsday five-minute stretch that should be used as an instructional video on how not to handle crunch time.

Scoggins: Hopkins' Bueckers dazzling, inspiring a generation of girls

The nation's No. 1-ranked player is a humble sensation in local gyms and on social media.

Scoggins: Here's my thank-you to Twins, Wolves for aggressive moves

Shrewd. Aggressive. Unemotional. The courage to address a glaring problem by sacrificing something that feels familiar or safe is a refreshing change.

Scoggins: Let's change how all NCAA athletes change schools

The Big Ten reportedly submitted a proposal to the NCAA supporting a one-time transfer exemption that would allow athletes in every sport to change schools without sitting out a year.

Scoggins: With Wolves, there must be more moves coming, right?

The Wolves changed out a large chunk of their roster, but where did it get them? Is this it? There must be more moves coming because this is a mess.

The great debate: Which Super Bowl path should the Vikings emulate?

Do the Vikings continue with a high-priced QB or do they roll the dice with the youthful route?

Scoggins: Banham 'all over the place' as she remembers idol and friend Bryant

The former Gophers star became friends with the late Lakers great.

Scoggins: Division uncertainty makes recruiting tougher for St. Thomas coaches

Will St. Thomas be able to to jump directly to Division I without a pit stop at Division II? This interim period has created a weird dynamic in courting the next wave of players.