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'A lot of pacing.' Myrick's NFL draft wait lasted a little too long

Gophers cornerback Jalen Myrick is grateful for the chance after being drafted in the seventh round by Jacksonville but felt he would be earlier pick.

Scoggins: Top offensive draft picks should help Zimmer's defense

The Vikings were the worst rushing team in the NFL last season, and by fixing that with running back Dalvin Cook and lineman Pat Elflein the defense shouldn't be as taxed this season.

Scoggins: Lynx's competitive fire hasn't mellowed with age

The Lynx don't understand the concept of mediocrity. Not this core group, winners of three WNBA championships and five trips to the Finals in six seasons.

Scoggins: Molitor endures a difficult day at the office

Twins manager Paul Molitor made three intriguing moves before getting ejected from Thursday's game. Two worked out, one didn't.

Scoggins: Wild's cold scoring raises issues beyond the playoffs

This isn't a new problem, of course. It becomes a discussion topic every postseason. Hand-wringing over a lack of snipers and finishers and high-end scorers has become a default setting.

Scoggins: Coach Boudreau's got nothing on Chef Boudreau

Chip Scoggins writes: 'The idea was to determine which feat was more impressive: Bruce Boudreau's impact on the Wild or Chef Crystal Boudreau's ability to prevent me from burning down the kitchen at her workplace."

Scoggins: For starters, Santana's competence a good place to start

Starter Ervin Santana on Monday allowed only two hits to become the first Twins pitcher to win on Opening Day since Livan Hernandez in 2008.

Scoggins: Women leading NBA teams is next logical step

A female NBA coach is no longer alien talk. The only crazy idea would be for NBA teams to ignore qualified candidates just because of their chromosome structure.

Scoggins: 20 more years will not erase the stain that Clem Haskins oversaw

The coach who bears ultimate responsibility for one of the most painful episodes in Gophers athletic history sounded tone-deaf in practically begging for red-carpet treatment.

Scoggins: Big brother's shadow keeps shrinking for Tre Jones

Tre Jones continues to blaze his own path — a similar path of excellence — and managed to one-up his brother, Timberwolves guard Tyus Jones.