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Scoggins: Should Twins buy or sell? Wins are driving the answer

After years of dreadful baseball, the Twins have played themselves into playoff contention, flaws and all. Selling while in contention would send a horrible message.

Fired U wrestling coach Robinson: 'Nobody was interested in facts'

A year removed from coaching at the University of Minnesota has not diminished J Robinson's frustration and disappointment over the way his 30-year Hall of Fame career as the school's wrestling coach ended.

17-year-old scores victory for Muslims by boxing in her hijab

After absorbing hits for making her hijab non-negotiable, Amaiya Zafar pushes ahead with her boxing career.

From Rochester with flair: Skateboard star Majerus goes from the mall to world stage

Sometimes when he's at the mall, Alec Majerus will stop and stare at a staircase. He will look at the angles, study the handrail, his mind racing with ideas for tricks, which is how skateboarders are judged in competition.

Scoggins: Target Field fences too distant? Not anymore

The Twins' home field suddenly has become a launching pad. Target Field had produced 127 home runs this season, a rate of 3.02 per game, third-highest in Major League Baseball.

Aiming for the flower pots: Home runs at Target Field

The Twins and their opponents are on pace to hit a record number of home runs at Target Field this season.

Scoggins: Deals put Wolves closer to Thibodeau's older, tougher vision

The Wolves boss put his cards on the table the past week, reshaping the roster in his vision and thus accelerating the organization's timeline for building a winner.

Scoggins: Ex-Hopkins star in NFL hosts camp with focus on leadership

Marcus Williams envisioned something more useful than a few hours on the field and a picture with a pro football player. Here's how his idea came to life at a Minneapolis park.

Butler's journey: Small-town Texas to NBA All-Star

The three-time All-Star is widely regarded as a top-15 player who excels as a two-way talent and is entering the prime of his career at age 27.

Scoggins: Adding Butler? Keeping Wiggins? This deal is a steal

The Wolves were big winners Thursday night, and acquiring Jimmy Butler now raises the ante for Tom Thibodeau in Year 2.