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Given the Vikings-related angles of the NFL's bounty-hunting scandal, we figured you might want to see how the home team's main media outlet --, the web site of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, is covering the story.

The short answer: In depth and in detail. There are news stories, links to other media reports, and statements from the team owner and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who apologizes for what he calls his "pay for performance" program.

There's also an editorial expressing outrage over what the Saints were doing and a lone hollow-ringing denial that players were being offered bounties -- from ex-Vikings defensive back Darren Sharper.

Here's the link to the New Orleans coverage, which you can expect to be updated throughout the weekend.

Here's the link to the Washington Post story in which a former coach and five players said that Williams had a similar system of bounties when he was defensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins.

If you're looking for a defense of the Saints players, here's a view from Favre's hometown paper in Mississippi, in which writer Jason Munz takes the contrarian view: "At the time, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the hits the Saints defense doled out on Favre and the rest of the Vikings. I still don’t."

Here's the rest of that story.