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The problem: My girlfriend and I were at a party last week and I noticed that a friend of mine was flirting with her. Should I say something to him?

Low road: You could. But, um, what would you say? “Stop making my girlfriend laugh because it bothers me?” You’ll just look foolish and insecure.

High road: Your friend did you a favor. Getting you to tap into your insecurities isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If you’ve been together for a while, it’s likely that the white-hot attraction is cooling, and you’ll have to work harder to maintain your special intimacy. Besides, you’ll be moving into creepy-land if you try to control her conversations with other people, male or female.

Ignore your buddy. Instead, up your game with her. Are you being attentive? Asking her about her day? Noticing her new haircut or blouse? Planning surprising outings? Pack a romantic picnic and head off with a blanket — with just enough room for two.

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